Alternate poking sites


My son is almost 8. His fingers are full of poke marks and sore from pokes. I have tried forearms and palms and don’t get much blood. In general, he is scared of trying a new poking site. But I am interested to know which places on the body any of you have found successful or less painful than fingers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

A famous guy did it in his vains or the ears and toes rocks i do it all the time

I don't know about alternative spots really..but I think you can use your toes with any meter, just like your fingers.

Don't quote me on this, but I think there are special meters/lancet devices for using sites other than toes or finger tips.

I remember when I was like 13 or something, I got this HUGE machine that allowed me to use my forearm and a few other alternative spots. You would rest it on the spot and then press a button and it would actually pull up your skin before poking you. It was crazy. It would then tell you what your blood sugar was.

I remember being told I had to use that machine to use blood from my forearm because it would give me a slightly different reading if I used blood from my forearm with my regular meter.