Alternative to buying pump supplies from Medtronic

I just came across Has anyone used it or any other supply source other than Medtronic for pump supplies - specifically gcms and infusion sets. The prices seem too good to be true.


Hi @doug, the only thing I buy direct from Medtronic is pump clips and infusion set auto clickers. I have always used Medco. You can typically use whatever your prescription benefit allows. Good luck.

Thank you. Can you provide the web site or phone?

sure - and sorry but they’ve changed from medco to ExpressScripts - I didn’t get the memo

Contact list

I’m on Medicare, but their prices look very high to me as compared to list prices that show up on my EOB statements. I self-fund full retail for Dexcom, their prices for Dexcom G6 CGMS supplies are about twice what it costs direct from Dexcom.

There are several independent websites that will supply pump supplies. I have bought pump supplies and est strips from

My insurances have had me get my supplies from Edgepark -