Am I alone?

Has anybody expirienced hardships with one of their best friends? My friend and I are in this stupid fight that I am trying to stop and she isn't and I don't want to stop being friends with her. It is about me accidentally leaving my stuff at her house or leaving it there cuz I couldn't take it home at the time. Doesn't that sound stupid? When I figured out what was happening, I felt alone, scared, like my soul and happiness was paralized, and it felt hard to walk, my blood sugars got into the 400's, and all I could do was cry or walk around sad. I am not being overly-dramatic. Please reply.

My friends get into fights all the time about me leaving my stuff at their houses, but what i did with one of my friends was, while i was hanging out with her one time i pretended that i was low and that i didnt have my kit with me. And since i was "low" i couldnt drive and so she had to call her mom to bring both of us to my house and test so it ruined her entire day because i didnt have my kit, so she understands that i need it now and she doesnt bug me as much when i accidentally leave things at her house. I really hope that helps!! I dont know if it will work for you and your friend, but it might.


I can't even count the times that I have incovenienced others because I left one thing or another behind somewhere. Whether it be diabetes reated or not, I've found that ultimately the friends who are worth their salt tend to eventually get over any small issues. That being said, maybe there is something else that they are upset about and using this as an outlet for that.

I don't know all the details of this current argument, but I will venture to offer what advice I can:

  • People like their personal space. If you don't feel like this is the issue with "your stuff", ask them why they are upset and let them know that you're willing to figure out whats going on so you can move past it and continue as friends.
  • This may not be immediate and patience can pay off. That being said, there comes a point when you have to say "I've done all I can to help this situation and the ball is in their court."

Let me be clear about the points above; I value relationships more than anything else in my life and I have made plenty of mistakes. Do not treat people poorly, even if things do not end up well. Always treat everyone with respect, even if you do not get along (in the past, present, or future).

I wish the best for you as I have definitely been there... know this though: You will be OK :o)

matt, that is really great advice thank you for sharing that.

Thanks so much. I can't do anything now cuz she doesn't want to talk to me but she is dictating me. So when we talk I hope it will be okay.

Thanks Matt! I am not sure how it will go out when me and my friend talks to each other, because she does not want to talk to me. She is sort of dictating me. So we (or I) will see how it goes when we talk!