Am I alone?

Has anybody expirienced hardships with one of their best friends? My friend and I are in this stupid fight that I am trying to stop and she isn't and I don't want to stop being friends with her. It is about me accidentally leaving my stuff at her house or leaving it there cuz I couldn't take it home at the time. Doesn't that sound stupid? When I figured out what was happening, I felt alone, scared, like my soul and happiness was paralized, and it felt hard to walk, my blood sugars got into the 400's, and all I could do was cry or walk around sad. I am not being overly-dramatic. Please reply.

i'm having this kind of thing going right now with a friend. they sent one of those forwarding email myths to all of our mutual friends. I replied to "all" and said they should check snopes before sending these kinds of emails out. and one of the people on the email said "i shouldn't jump down people's throats... blah blah blah" well i didn't! and i sent an email out saying "sorry" and got an even worse email AGAIN! sometimes no matter what you do right, in their eyes it is wrong. and it's a stupid fight. just keep saying "sorry" and hopefully it will get better!

 You are not being dramatic at all.

You have it pretty ruff right now, your 14 and that is a hard! But you are diabetic too and that makes it even HARDER. Your body and mind feels like a war zone because,,, it kinda is. Your brain is in the process of rewiring itself! Here is a page talking about what your brain and ALL other teens' brains are up to .

What I am trying to say is this, your not alone one bit. Also your high blood sugar may be caused by the stress that your body goes through because your mind is is busy growing while you are busy living. Also it IS hard to walk when your sugar is high, but sometimes it is hard just because you're a teen.

I described the way I felt at your age as if my skin was to tight to hold my soul, my happiness, or my sadness- As if I was constantly expanding and shrinking and trying to fit into my self. Then one day, suddenly, I fit.

This will happen for you, but while it is still happening, while you are growing and shrinking know that you are never alone.

This is why I like to go back and read earlier post. I had heard a little about teens and brain development,but this link tells more. Thanks !

you are most definitly not alone!!!!!! last year i got diabetes. my bfff has always been the attention type, so when i got diabetes not everone was focused on her. she soon was telling me i was disgusting, that if i got any blood on her she would stop being my bfff, that she was going to tell the teacher i was testing in class and that i was going to infect everone. she even didnt invite me to her party because she said she didnt want me to have to sit and watch everyone eat while i couldnt. finally, she called me a fata** with really fa thighs, which made me feel so bad about myself becuase i had always been skinny and my insulin was making me look less like a holocaust victim (bags under eyes stick arms ribs showing) and more like a thirteen year old. i just cried so much because she was the first one i called from the hospital when i was dxed. i felt betrayed

your not overreacting at all! diabetes is overwhelming. i was young when i was diagnosed, but i can remember my friends at the time running away from me to avoid "catching" diabetes. to them it was a game, to me it wasn't funny. my whole world had just turned around and they thought it was a joke! i felt alone and like nobody liked me because i was different than them. i still do occasionally.


I'm going through a very similar thing with my wife right now.  It's bad.  I don't know what to do.  My blood sugar is not doing so well as a direct result I'm pretty sure.  So, sounds like you're in good company. 

May the devine help me if she ever reads this...I go through stuff like this with my birth mother all the time. She did not raise me, so she doesn't really get how her "drama" can affect my blood sugar. I try to help her understand, but not being around T1 very much she just doesn't get it. When we argue, (or more like when she yells, and I cry) I get high sugars, headaches, and just feel horrible. I want to keep the peace, but some people, for some reason, thrive on this kind of stuff. You certainly are not alone :)

we get this all the time... my T1 will leave his stuff...regularly...gggrrr it does drive me crazy but I understand...and i hate to admit, i'm mostly just embarrassed...cuz our friends are like 'what's your problem?'  they just shake their heads at us like we're'd be nice if our friends could actually support us and help...but, you can't fix stupid, all you can to is ask for help and if they want to know, educate them. 

Hey there ladies and even gents... This may help.   I know all of us identify as Diabetics.  Personally I also identify myself as a Feminist.   This site that I have posted a link to is a Feminist blog/magazine by a 16 year old girl, Julie Z, from Ohio.  She started it when she was only 15.  It is awesome!  It is also exactly what will help you get through those rough years.  Check it out.  She has even had the opportunity to interview the amazing Gloria Steinem!  BTW, Feminism is not just for women... My husband also identifies as a Feminist and there are boys who read and contribute to Julie's blog as well... Go forth and be inspired! I was!


You aren't alone. I'm right there with you. Me and my bff are in a fight that is really stupid. It's about this guy that we both went out with at one time and I'm still not over it because he dumped me for her. I just couldn't believe she said yes. But my sugars have been running high and pretty much the same thing as you.