Am I honey mooning?

Hello everyone,

Well, sometimes i go to bed with bs of 290 and when I wake up i find  it 90, that means it goes down by 200mg/dl(scary) but when i go to bed with bs of 140, I don't find it 0 when i get up, i find it also around 90 . Does that mean I'm honey mooning? I don't exercise. I'm on MDI and on 8 units Lantus for basal.

I assume you don't correct then if you have the 290 when you go to bed. I would check at least 2x during the night for a few nights to figure out what it is doing in between.

Your body can release stored sugar from your liver to help raise BG if you are actually becoming hypoglycemic. Some people's livers seem to be more responsive than others. So it is possible when you are go to bed at 140 that you spend some time below 70 during the night and are actually have come up by morning. Only way to know is add some middle of the night checks.