Am I in over my head?

I'm a 17 year old and have had diabetes for over 5 years. This is my Jr year at high school and I'm in just about everything i can be in. For sports its Softball., Basketball and Track.. Other school activities include beta club, yearbook, Stu Co, letter L, book club, spirt team, Band(jazz,pep,marching,and consert), and thats just year round suff not including this that just happes thew the year like miss Laverne, spring consert, Jr Sr play, i was a Mr irrisistable esscort, and much more!!! i love everything i do and domt wanna give anything up just because of diabetes i think thats stupid. but i'm sugers are out of comtrol!!! and everything i'm in either has meetings or practices before school at lunch or after school and then i still have homework to do its really hard for me to find time to sit and check my BG and take a shot so most the time i dont check i just guess and then take my shot and eat.. what can i do to fix this wit out droppin any of my activities???

Stay busy! You will be one of those people that they say.... You can still do everything even with T1. I assume you do these things because you love them. I am just a parent of a t1 child. Just so you know who perspectve you are getting. Remember if you first do not take care of yourself now it will take more time out of your future. I would suggest an insulin pump. That really frees up alot of time for us and our sons activities. It is easy to do a fix and to cover food. We ahve the Animas ping and the meter sends all the info to the pump. So it is all done in one step. As a person who likes to excell and succeed at what she does (I am getting that from how outgoing you are) I am sure this could be your answer. But, whatever you choose.... do not give up! Not on your activities or your diabetes. Do yourself a favor and time how long it takes to test....I bet your quicker than you think. I hope this helped you some. I hope my child will be as outgoing and gives life a go get 'em attitude as he gets older the same as you.

well thank you so much i really just need someone out side of my family that can tell me that cuz i know i can do i just get down alot about it and i had a pump but all my sports i'm in causes me to not have much body fat i accually in a study for t1 and i had to wright down everything i ate when were how much and take lables to them and i wore a like ancle thing that mesured everything about me my step size how much i ran or walked just everything but when i went back they paid for me to get a dencity scan bloode tests and a mri and on the dencity test it broke it down into what of my weight was fat mucel and bone. then i had 18% body fat and i weighted 135 i now way 130 and from then to now i've toned up and i have so many bruises and hard spots from just shots and i'm using the smallest needle they make and i cant go at a 90 angle i have to go in at a 45 and i still bleed all the time and i've tried to put on weight like fat but i really cant and i had a pump and i had to chnge out the site every day cuz it would get cloged or something i dont know it just would stop delivering insulin and it left holes were my sites were. and wit all my activaties and my main sport is basketball and i'm an aggressive player and for me basketball is a big conact spot the site got bumped and pulled on so much it was startin to leave huge bruises and it hurt so bad thats were i'm stuck at is to stop all the pain i would have to drop out of several things and my perents are so supportive and let me chose what activities i do which is really nice i know with out them i wouldn't be the "diabetes will not controll me" type of diabetic but it does take extra time that i sould take to do what i'm suppose to but lost of times i skip the testing part and just take how much insulin i feel like i need and i feel like i give the right amount cuz my body is really sinsitive to high and low BG like high BGs effect my eyes really bad even if its just over 200 and then lows i can tell when its like 70 cuz i feel week and shaky. but my doctors get so mad at me cuz i dont test like i might once or twice a week and thats horible! and i know it.

I hope your son grows up to be a every good diabetic it will help him a lot in the future and the best thing my perents and i did was went over all the things that could happen if i didn't take care of myself like all the organs and systems diabetes affects if not taken care of and thats what keeps me tryin cuz i dont wanna lose a leg or lose feeling in my feet or hands or go blind.. i know the consequences to bad care and from a childs point of view i hated when my perents always asked me if i took my shot and all that cuz i hate being reminded i'm a diabetic i go day to day not thinkin about unless its eatin time. just be as supportive as you can my mom has gone threw it all wit me and diabetes broght us closer thats the only good thats come from this. and thank you so much for wrightin me i like hearing other ppls oppions and you did help me

It is awesome that you are part of so many groups in school! Don't ever give up what you love! Have you ever thought about getting a pump? I had so many highs and lows until I finally got a pump and it helps so much to be able to see how much insulin you have taken, how much is active in your system, and be able to see patterns (I like to see how much insulin I use each day). I use a Mini Med. Good luck busy bee!

lol thanx i love it all if i was a busy bee idk what i would do wit myself haha. but yes i tried the mini med paradime(sp) and i dont think i have enough fat i would get really bad hard spots from it and i would change every third day that is if i could get to the tird day.... most the time my pump would tell me it couldn't deliver and my doctor said it was either it was cloged like the insertion part from it gettin to my muscel or it got bent and so i went to one that went in at a 45angle and it just hurt i couldn't play my normal game in basketball it made me scared to be physical cuz i didn't want ppl hittin the set even if i wasn't conected it really hurt me and left horriable briuses and i just couldn't do it i'm to active almost for if it sucks cuz i had AMAZING controll for those few weeks i was on the pump

Hi Rae,

First, I love to hear that you're not letting this stop you from what you love. That is always my first message to new diabetics (and it doesn't hurt for those of us not new to hear) is don't ever let it stop you from doing what you love to do - learn to make it fit into your life.

I had diabetes for 3 years before I got a pump, and while the pump makes things MUCH easier, I had the same reasons as you. I was playing college football when I was diagnosed and having sites in during those times just wasn't an option for me. I did, however, learn to use my needle just like a pump. I don't want to assume anything that you have or havn't tried, but seeing a dietician specializing in diabetes and how the pancrease works will help you to learn how to mimic the pancrease (and pump functions) as closly as you can with shots. For example, during my playing days when I would eat an entire pizza, I learned to take half of the required insulin while I was eating, and half after I was done eating in about an hour. This is  perfect expample of adjusting for the digestion and absorption of high fat meals. You know you should test more - so we don't need to get into that, but testing is the only way to stay on top of it.

No matter what Keep doing all the things you love, and by all means don't ever be afraid to add to that list!