Am i the only one who wishes they didn't have diabetes?

I absolutely hate Diabetes!! Sure going to diabetic camps helps for a week over the summer, but like i said it only lasts a week so when i come back i feel out of place because then i realize, no one really understands at all. I dont have control over my diabetes and my A1C is super high. It probably has to do with my age, but the way my mind is set now is that i hate diabetes so why should i try to control it.  i dont care so i dont take care of myself even though i know the consiquences. My parents dont know how to get me to understand so they started to make me write down everything on sheets of paper, they then look at them. If i'm not doing what im supposed to, i get grounded...i know they're only doing this because they love me but being grounded for hating a disease i have to live with SUCKS! Then when i do try to control it i will go high anyways, then i get frustrated and think why even bother?  An endless cycle that i dont know how to stop...


Don't judge yourself on the errors and work on catching them... Going high doesn't mean you have bad control. Failing to catch your highs and lows quickly and correct for them will be 50% of what your A1C troubles are about.  If you can feel good about catching your numbers when they are off, you can test more often and probably care for yourself a little more easily.  It is hard but it isn't complex - you can do it.  I suspect if you can start getting some wins and get a decent drop in your A1C you may not only feel better but also find you start winning some of the leeway you are hoping for from your parents.  Don’t surprise them though – tell them you are trying some new things and when you get the hang of better numbers, you expect them to back off at least a little bit.

I offer this with no warranties expressed or implied and remind you that I find that in my own care and life I have been wrong as often or more than I have been right…

Good luck, test often and keep us posted I am curious to know how you do over the next few months!



my best friend also has Crohn's. she gets through it so watching here get through it helps me get through diabetes alot better =]

I know its been a long time since i posted that but the thing is, i can't gain control over my diabetes because i cannot get my self to care enough. I just don't want to do it anymore...I'll have a good streak for a day or two then i'm right back to my old habits..its a cycle i keep repeating but can seem to break out of