Amazing Race

I just wanted to say congrats to team Nat and Kat of the Amazing Race 17 they won! They're both doctors and Kat is type 1! She said with the prize money she'd give some of it to Type 1 research! SO I hope she comes through on her promise! if so YAY! 

That is so great!!!

I am proud of them, but I saw the opening of the show. The diabetic doctor was using her lancet device and pricking her finger while she was driving. Driving rather fast! I could not believe that! The camera focused on something else then, but I assume she finished testing while still driving. Was that necessary? Is it any better than texting while driving, or using a cell phone? She could have tested while her partner was driving.They should NOT have shown that segment on TV.

What were they thinking? I can see someone who thinks that if a doctor can do it, then it is an OK thing to do. I hope no member here will ever test while driving.

We were really pulling for them.  My daughter and I high fived each other when they won.  I also noticed a few episodes back that she they were the blue team.  Wonder if that was a coincidence or not.  Great job Nat and Kat.....if you inspire one person to not give in to T1 that is great.


I have never seen this show so I don't really know what you are talking about, but yay for money donated to diabetes research!!  :-)

(Though I have to agree with RIchard that testing while driving is probably not a good idea...)

I didn't watch in the beginning the only reason I watched was because I wanted to watch Undercover Boss which is on after and it was always running late because of football earlier in the evening. Then my little brother started watching, and last night in the finale she was talking about running around with her insulin pump.