American Idol (sigh)

Hey, I figure if I didn't bring it up somebody else would.

Is it just me or are the contestants really boring this season? After last year it seems the show has no place to go but down.

Boo reality TV!


Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I never got into Big Brother or Survivor, things like that. I loved The Real World for the first like, 3 or 4 seasons then I got over it. Now I watch America's Next Top Model, Project Runway and of course, American Idol. :) Seems like I'm forgetting something........ Oh well.

when i watch the people on reality tv, i feel like we're taking backwards steps as a country and civilization. take for instance, jersey shore...i've never watched it (nor will I ever) but i've seen pictures and heard people talk about it...why on earth would someone watch those losers?

I've never seen Jersey Shore either, it's on MTV or VH1 right? I don't watch those stations anymore, they don't have much of anything to do with music! I totally agree with you about the fools on TV, that's why I gave up on the Real World when it wasn't REAL anymore.

But come on, there's no harm in a freindly model or fashion design competition. :) I'll even watch Hell's Kitchen if nothing else is on. I like Kitchen Nightmares better though.

I'll stick to my movies...considering not even getting cable when I move into my new place and just shelling out extra $ to pay for FIOS. I don't watch that much tv anyway so i dont' know if it's worth paying for. The bars are always there for sports that won't get shown

What is FIOS? I couldn't afford cable for about 6 months and I didn't get any kind of signal on my TV so I was stuck watching the same DVDs over and over again, well not really watching, but they were playing all day. I finally found Red Box so at least I could watch something different when the boys went to bed. I never get to actually watch TV 'til they go to bed.

movies are my favorite. we are all stupider, for having watched reality TV. (of course, that's just my opinion). i have cable, but it's always on the movie channels :D i also have netflix and am mildly obsessed with it. i have a tendency to watch movies over and over and over again. i've got about 200 DVDs in my collection, and each of them has been watched at least twice. but movies i LOVE like harry potter or LOTR, have been watched probably closer to a million times (maybe a million and a half)...


i like movies :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Who doesn't like movies? :) I like to watch sitcoms more than reality TV, but my absolute favorite shows are True Blood and Entourage, both on HBO and pretty much the only reason I subscribe to it. House is another one of my favorites, but it's starting to get a little lame this season.

I saw all of the Lord Of The Rings movies once. I like them, I'm just not the type to watch a movie more than one time. Except, I will turn on a movie I've already seen when nothing else is on and I'm too busy to pay much attention to it. We're addicted to the Red Box, we get a movie from it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

because my schedule is so funky, i have a hard time watching tv shows because i'm not home at the same time every night or week, and i have no way to tape the shows. i will netflix a series on occasion like dexter and lost. i think i just prefer movies :o)

i've heard good things about  house. my aunt loves it. it's on really late here (11pm or midnight). i've caught a couple minutes here and there. that guy is so sarcastic! i would probably love him :o)

I'll watch movies more than once! I have Caddyshack memorized :)

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I'll watch movies more than once! I have Caddyshack memorized :)


My dad loves that movie! He can like quote every line!