Amnio Reduction

Hey Ladies,

Just thought I would share my most recent experience.  I am 36 1/2 wks along and have lots of extra amniotic fluid.  Anything,  I think, between like 18/20-25 AFI (amniotic fluid index) is considered 'normal'.  My AFI last week was 30 (inspite of a perfect A1c of 4.7%) and this week breathing was becoming an issue.  I called the doc this am just to see if we could bump up my next u/s to check my AFI and they wanted me in ASAP.  They did another u/s this am and found my AFI was up to a 33 in less than a week.  This is a big jump and warranted what is called an amnio reduction.

An amnio reduction is basically an amniocentesis except instead of taking just enough fluid to run whatever test they are interested in, they drain extra amniotic fluid.  In my case, they took off just under a liter of fluid which brought me from a 33 AFI down to 26 AFI.  They had to do 2 amniocentesis to accomplish this because my baby moved in the middle of the procedure. 

I was TOTALLY freaked about having an amniocentesis done.  It is not a big deal.  I had some contractions and cramping during the procedure and for a few hours following that I was afraid wouldn't stop, but everything stopped within 6 hours.  I can breathe so much better and feel so skinny LOL.  I am a little sore at the site that they had to do that was low, but nothing major.  Baby boy tolerated everything wonderfully.  No more olympic sized pool for him though.  I can feel him moving so much more intense now that he isn't floating around in the abyss! 

To this point I had been trying to start labor to get him out (he was 7 lbs 9 oz at 35 wks!).  They run 2 tests on the amniotic fluid, and the first one has come back saying that his lungs are not mature enough yet.  I am SO glad to have this information.  It makes me take a step back and really slow down everything.  I don't want to put my baby at risk.  The second test will be back tomorrow.

I love that I can breathe again.  The doctor said originally that the reduction would help for a week or two.  Because he wasn't able to take as much off as he wanted (without having to do another poke) I am assuming it will last a little less than a week.  I am hoping I will be able to sleep better, eat better, and feel more awake because I am not constantly winded.

Oh, I should mention that I was able to drive myself home too- no big deal.  I walked out of the hospital. 

BG's were perfect the entire time, even though I was a little stressed about everything I remained steady at 90-95.  I kept my pump on the entire time. 

So, if you have to have an amniocentesis or an amnio reduction, don't fret.  There are always risks involved but the chances are low of issues.  The procedure itself is mildly uncomfortable at best.  Some of the contractions and cramping did get heavy period cramp like, but still manageable.  I think the key is to try and relax.

Hope this helps you.,

Good luck Rachel....I am praying for you

Thanks Nicole!  Hope you and your daughter are doing well!!! :)

We have struggled a little with breastfeeding and depression.