Amusement park rides

yesterday i went to an indoor amusement park for the first time since being diagnosed.

my blood sugar went up to 23 mmol/l.

i usualy like the super spinny, upside down, goes against gravity ones.

would that affect blood sugars that much?

i see no reason for it to effect it any in the long run. the cotton candy will tho :P

i didnt have any cotton candy. i just had a lemonade made with splenda. but that was after my blood sugar went super high

it could be the adrenaline rush you are getting from those rides.  typically when i go to amusement parks my BG usually drops because of the walking and the adrenaline.

Yeah thats kinda weird because I would think having your heart pump so hard from the exercise and from the thrill of the rides would give you a lower number. Did you eat something sugary or not cover enough with insulin?