An idea for a Juvenation conference!

I found like the best place for us to go! the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville has like 2800 rooms and has huge meeting rooms! it would be a great place for us to have a great conference! and the first for T1 diabetics that big! lol

will the plane flight be paid for us? i live in canada and dont think i would be able to go that far and the plane and stuff would be expensive

I doubt JDRF can afford to fly around 5,000+ people

i think we'd need to pay transportation and the conference and hotel stuff, but it would be a good time to fundraise because it would send you somewhere to learn and to learn more fundraising tecinques and things like that

sorry, but i dont think i would be there. too exppensive and going that far away would be hard with school and everything

Sounds like a good idea. Lets get it going and operative. We need to do something. There has to be a change for us. We need to fundraise and find a cure.

exactly! lets make a huge impact on the world with something to show the world how many of us there really are! and to prove that we are people too and not just statistics

That would be awesome

about 3 years ago I went to a journalism convention at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Its so beautiful and amazing. I loved it there :) Definitely has plenty of room... but its pricy

Haha, that just makes me think of how impacting the sight of over 5,000 people must be... of that many diabetics. Kind of like a visual to put D into perspective.

We'll see how everything works out.

we need to do something. thats the bottom line

that is true we can't just sit around anymore :)

Stuff is being done

A conference sounds like a cool idea if there is enough interest and support.  It seems like there is a lot of interest on this site about fundraising...does anyone have experience with fundraising? Some weblinks could be useful, or if anyone would like to construct a powerpoint and upload it onto their profile.  This way others could learn about raising money before coming to a conference, raising the chances we could raise our own money to get there.  As Alyssa mentioned, a lot of work is being done on type 1 right now, so some thought into how to spend this money is needed too.

Not to be negative, but planning a conference is a huge undertaking. That is someone's full time job at most organizations. Volunteers?? lol.

ill be the volonteer to organize it.

It might be easier at this point to have a few different regional conferences, like northeast, southwest, midwest, etc. That way we could at least meet some people and it wouldn't cost so much.