And another sugar? Xylitol anyone?

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I am curious if anyone else has run across Xylitol and if so, what have you thought about it?  From what I have read, it seems it is supposed to be good for dental health, not affect blood sugar, have no real side effects (until you eat enough to turn it into a laxative) and be otherwise healthy.  I have seen a few products being sold with it, now that I am looking and I can’t help but wonder- is this a pretty common item and I’m way late to the table or is it really pretty new as a sweetener… Either way, I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has or does use it and knowing your take…




Xylitol is both new and old.  Trident has been useing it for several years now.  But as a comercial sweetner that we can buy it is fairly new.  I have used it in school, and it works great.  Right now its still on the expensive side to purchase, but it is the newest sweetner.  It is sugar free, its not really good for dental health, but it doesnt cause damage to teeth cause it does not have the sugar or many additive that cause the damage.  And yes as with any artificial sweetner if you have too much it may cause diarrhea.  But it is the newest one, and most sugarfree gums are switching to it.  Like i said Trident was the first to switch and did it as soon as they could.



I am interested that you state that it is not really good for dental health. I have read several studies (I'll cite a few below) that seem to indicate that it is, in fact, very beneficial.  I am very interested in reading what you have seen to the contrary!

Also, I don't know that I consider sugar alcohols to be an artificial sweetener (given their natural roots) but I will concede they do have a (well deserved) reputation for inducing diarrhea and other gastric distress when eaten in sufficient quantity.





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