And.... I'm PUMPIN

For about 4 hours now!!!


Started on my insulin pump today and I can't be more excited!  Woooo hoooo!


Thoughts or memories you guys want to share?!  Any advice?


So excited!



How long did it take you for the whole process from start to finish??


I hope to be pumping soon after switching to a new doctor, and was wondering. Thanks 

Ooh! Congrats! I was in third grade when i got my pump. I was so excited but the classes took HOURS! for the first month i had to wake up every night every two hours to check my BG. It sucked. But I love my pump!  What kind do you have? Congrats again!

Jacob! Congrats.

I do remember the first time I put my pump on it was 9 yrs ago this past Thanksgiving! All I could think of was that the holidays were finally upon us and I was able to have a nice fat piece of chocolate pudding pie!!

Be patient with the pump it could seem very overwhelming in the first couple of days, but then once you get used to it, its like brushing your teeth! You should keep in contact with your doctor a lot in the beginning because you will want to fine tune your basal, bolus rates, correction scales. Don't be scared if you have some really high, highs that is normal as well as experiencing nice lows!

We are here to help you a long the way and any questions or bumps in the road we can share tips, tricks. But, please be advised we are not health care professionals and you should always talk to your doctor before making any changes!

Good Luck with the pump!!


I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on July 16th and got my pump today.  So 8 months to go from a pancreas to a pump.   Not bad eh?

I have a minimed pump from medtronic and so far lovin it!