And.....I'm PUMPING!

Hello Friends!

After months and months of researching, squabbling with insurance coverage, and taking FOREVER to get scheduled with my CDE to start on my OmniPod, TODAY I HAVE STARTED. I had my Dexcom CGM placed at 9:00am today and started my OmniPod shortly after at 9:45am. FINALLY.

It feels so nice to finally have gotten started on the pump today, hopefully it will make my life a little more normal. Thanks for all of the advice and help with deciding on what pump to get and sharing in the frustrations I had. In the end, it has been a's just a relief. Everything is going well, so far. I am loving my Pod so far =D

Thanks, Everyone! Stay healthy =)

--Kelly, T1


I just got approved today! Good luck and I hope you like pumping!!