Anesthesia and positive suggestions

Just sharing, part of my list- When I decided to have my lower right leg amputated to stop post-surgical nerve pain i _ couldn’t stop it any other way- the anesthiologist came out to talk to me I asked m if when I was under he would give me a few suggestions’, he said “We all know this works” but I was the first patient in 35 yrs to ask him- #1 No pain after amputation- #2 heal perfectly #3 no effect on my Diabetes- I taught an exercise class 2 days later Leg healed perfectly. no effect on my diabetes. I have shared this plan with several and everyone got what they asked for- Usually lack of pain and perfect Healing—Next time I have to go under I am tempted to see if I can grow my leg back, maybe not too difficult to explain–My vet does something similar when my dogs have to go nder- she tells them that as soon as they wake up they can go home, haven’t lost one to anesthesia. Nextt time you have t go under try some healthfull suggestios maybe an attitude adjustment . Good suggestions’ always work- This method bypasses the conscious brain and uss the sub conscious one. The sub doesn’t question suggestions, - Pas it on, it works, Bye stay safe Jan

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