Animas 1250 holder clips

We were at the diabetes center today and the nurse broke my daughters black plastic pump holder. I guess she had no idea how to get it out, and didn't ask, and now we are without.  It is black plastic and has a clip on the back and the pump slides in so only the screen shows, and then a separate piece ( in fun colors) clips onto it (covering the screen) with all our contact information written inside. Well, not only do they not have a replacement for the one they broke, the Animas company no longer even carries them.  I'm really bummed and didn't know if perhaps someone in this community has the clip I'm talking about that they'd be willing to send our way.  We only need one obviously, but maybe someone doesn't use this piece to their Animas 1250 and wouldn't mind parting with it.  Thanks.

I wish I had one, I would send it. I hope you can find one.