Animas 1250

Anyone have any problems with their pump and/or customer service?? They told me they can't mathematically figure out where all the insulin went (no low cartridge warning or anything).. and I was dealing with low blood sugars for my child at the time.. couldn't believe my ears when they wanted to sell me an upgrade and would not offer me another option (loaner) for assistance! Yet, they want me to return the model with no replacement either.  They told me it was almost a week over on the warranty although I was told I wasn't eligible for an upgrade for another 2 months.  Now I am wondering if it had been administering insulin without warning as she kept going into the 40's or 60's and with juice would plummet to 40 right after, the whole week before.  Just frustrated with them right now and wondered if we're the only ones who've had an issue.

I have a 1250 and haven't had any issues. When you say the insulin was being administered without warning, are you referring to the basal rate? Otherwise I'm not sure how insulin disappears without one bolusing.

It kept repeatedly asking about repriming and we took the cartridge out and the thing was empty and it shouldn't have been. There were 60 units in it and max 10 per day, so 50. Then we disconnect to reprime 3 x and still all the insulin was gone, the 10 unit alarm never sounded, the empty cartridge alarm never sounded.. really strange.