Animas and JDRF Partnership

JDRF announced today that it is teaming with Animas, a Johnson & Johnson company, and Dexcom to bring an artificial pancreas to market.

Want more info?

1.) You can check out the details at the artificial pancreas project website

2.) read today's JDRF press announcement (Wed, Jan. 13, 2010)

3.) Check out my personal take on what the artificial pancreas project announcement means.

Here's my question to the group: Would you be willing to be one of the first "testers" of an artificial pancreas?

What a good question.I wonder what people would say on the,I think it would have to be someone who had d for a while.I don't think any parent would sign up their child...Young adults and adults would be best.....

i wanna try that! it seems like it would make taking care of my diabetes less of a daily chore. yes, i would still have to insert a site every few days and the CGM sensor, but... it would make it easier to manage my sugars and possibly reduce the risk of developing any other health complications. i would be willing to try that!!! :)

well the idea sounds great! but what are the risks? ive had diabetes sense i was 3 and, ive always asked my mom why cant they come up with something like this! so im really interested!

Oh man, I would definitely love to be one of the first testers of this project. It sounds like it could improve our lives so much I am all for it. Plus I already have a hard time staying dedicated to taking care of myself, maybe this could take away some of the stress and make it easier for me to try and stay healthy...count me in!!!

My son is 16 and has had type 1 for almost 10 years.  He has been on an Animas pump for 3 years.  I would sign him up for this project in a heartbeat!  He  has read about it and is extremely excited and hopeful it will prove successful... 


Yes, yes, yes. I would allow my son (11) to test this if I felt that the medical supervision was good. We are so excited about this project and can hardly wait until it is released to the public.