Animas Customer Support/Warranty Questions

I’ve been using Medtronic pumps for about 8 years now, but thinking of making the switch to Animas for three reasons: 1) Integration with the Dexcom CGM. Haven’t loved the Medtronic CGM and I’ve heard Dexcom tracks more accurately and can be worn more comfortably for longer periods of time. 2) Animas pumps boast being waterproof. I am tired of having to remove my pump every time I get in the pool with my three young kids. and 3) They just look cooler - less like a 1980’s pager. But I have questions about people’s experience with Animas’ customer support. Medtronic has been amazing in that arena. I’ve had my pumps replaced a few times due to a cracked face or body, sometimes totally my fault because I accidently dropped it or banged it on a wall. The replacement is always free of charge and always arrives by UPS Next Day Air. Can I expect this type of service from Animas or am I taking a step down? I don’t want to be paranoid about breaking or cracking my pump and having to pay for it.

I’ve stayed with MM because of that very reason, because I hear bad things about Animas’ service. They’re apparently owned by Johnson & Johnson now, so that’s good backing and I’m sure their service will improve in time. I’ve heard good things about the Dexcom too, but having tried both CGM systems years ago with no luck, and recently trying the MM Enlite with very good results, I think you will find people who have preferences in either direction. You might want to see if there is an Animas pump group you can join on Facebook and see what kinds of things people are saying.