Animas Infusion Sets

Hi folks,

I am switching from MDI to an insulin pump in the very near future (just waiting on a pump training appointment!) and I'm looking for some feedback as to your favourite Animas infusion set.

When I met with the sales rep, I tried both the Inset II and Inset 30...and I'm not sure which I prefer. Do you Animas users out there have a preference? I feel like the Inset II is more likely to get pulled out but I like how convenient it is with the tubing and everything in one neat package.  I'm also wondering if one stings more than the other (or maybe neither of them sting at all!).  Any input is appreciated.

Thank you!

i change my infusion sets every 2 to 3 days. i use the Inset II infusions sets (i have tried others). i have only had a couple of them pull out. i use IV prep, then IV 3000 (there is no need to cut this with the Inset II), then the Inset II infusion set. they stick very well and i love having different colors. my favorite is the pink with my Pink Animas pump. i've been very happy with the ease of use of the Inset II.

My daughter uses the inset, and it's so easy to put in, just pull back and it's straight in, no angles or anything. Don't know about these other inset versions as I've seen some at angles and such, but haven't had her try them.

Hi Laura,

i'vebeen using the inset and really like it!  i'm pretty active in that i ride and play with horses and i've not had any issues pulling out.  my CDE toldme that some people have a problem with the sticking, but if it happened to me to use the IV prep.  i've not had to do that at all, and i'm not really sensitive to tapeor anything like that.  i do use to different ones for different parts of my body; the 6mm for the areas thatdon't have alot of sub Q, and the 9mm when i use it in a more "fluffy" area :)


hope that helps

Hi! I have been using an Animas pump for about 3 years now and I use the Inset II. It has pulled out once or twice but just make sure you use a good IV prep and it usually won't pull out.  My doctor sujested changing to the Ineset 30, but I like being able to have colored set so I stayed with the Inset II and have no complaints about them.