Animas integrating CGM

My son(11) has been a Animas Pump user for about 5 years and I have been very happy with the pump.  The only thing that I would like to see that, in my opinion, would put Animas over the top would be the integration of a CGM.  I spoke to someone who claimed to have "inside" information and I was told that it is in the works but the ability to remotely bolus would be lost.  Does anyone have any definitive knowledge of this?

I know they are working on one for a fact, I don't know details though. Personally I don't care, I have had an animas pump for the same amount of time and I want a patch pump. Also CGMs aren't accurate enough, it seems like a waste until they are more accurate...

There is the new Animas Vibe, a pump with the Dexcom 7 intergrated right in. IT HAS BEEN APPROVED AND IT BEING SOLD IN THE UK. Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet approved it for the US as of yet. I know they are trying though. Also there were some recalls in the UK due to the pump not detecting any cartridge in the pump and therefore wasting 200 units of insulin and the pump randomly claiming to be unprimed (not like my Ping does that all the time or anything....) I have no idea about the remote thing, but hopefully it will be approved for the US soon and we will know!