Animas low profile clip trouble

Has anyone else had a ton of trouble with these low profile clips that Animas makes? Between my two kids we have gone through so many of these clips. They loosen up and are nearly impossible to tighten and then they eventually fall apart. Often a few of the pieces will end up missing when they fall apart outside, so that there is no chance of putting it back together. I have complained to Animas, but they won’t just refund my money for the most recent one we purchased in January. They are only under warranty for 3 months from the purchase of the original one, so even if replacements also fall apart that warranty is for three months from the first one. Our third one just fell apart and it’s one month past the warranty of the first one that we purchased, so now we are just out the clip and our $25 ($19.95 and another $4 or $5 for shipping). I have two questions for you all:

  1. Any advice on what I can do to stop Animas from selling these? They clearly have a faulty design. Consumer Protection Agency? Attorney General?
  2. I don’t want to buy any more accessories from Animas, because they don’t really stand behind the accessories. Can you recommend another company and type of clip or case for a 7yo child?

Thank you

I’ve used the same low profile clip for about 6 years and have never had a problem with it.

I also had trouble with the clips. I found a site online that sold an elastic belt with velcro and a pouch with velcro that the one touch ping fits into perfectly. I don’t remember what the site was called, but it should be easy to find it with searching on Yahoo which is focused on consumers versus Google which is more for education/information. I thought it was pricey for the simplicity of design, but it has lasted a few years and I can wash it and it dries quickly. I actually tie it, then use the velcro to feel secure that it won’t loosen and fall down when I get in and out of the car. May God Bless and Keep You and your precious child.