I`m in need of second opinions. I`m having trouble choosing between Animas and Medtronic.

In actuality, my first choice was Animas, but my mom likes the Medtronic because it has that Real-Time sensor that beep when you're having a hypoglycemic attack. So when I went to meet up with my Diabetes Care Team for the pump, I was so sure to get Medtronic because I wanted to lessen my mom's worries when I`m having a hypo attack, especially in the middle of the night. But then they told me that I should reconsider and take my time again to review each one's information. 

So, any opinions ? 

Please and Thank You ! <3 


I`m not really considering Omnipod right now because it has not been publicly launched here in Canada yet. Also, I don`t like the idea of having a lump when I choose to wear tight clothes, which most teenage girls normally choose to wear. LOL . =D 

I've never tried the Animas, but I am on the Medronic Paradigm with the CGM.  I actually get tired of hearing the thing beep at me warning me of lows and highs.  But it  has helped me to lower my A1C down to 5.7 which is the lowest I have been since they began measuring A1C's.  I guess if your goal is to keep you glucose close to normal, to help avoid complications, it is a great system.  The Ping is supposed to be working together with the the Dexcom CGM.  Last I heard they are still awaiting federal approval for that system.  I have had Medtronic pumps for 9 years and that company has been very easy to deal with.  I hear that all the pump companies are  Really which ever you choose, you will be blessed.  The pump is a life changer for us diabetics in my opinion!

I'm on the medtronic right now, and I'm in the process of switching to animas. I was on the CGM at one time, but it drove me nuts, but my mom has a friend who loves hers. Also, animas is coming out with a new all in one system and it's going through fda approval right now in the US and is already launched in europe i think. either way, if you start on the animas now, you can upgrade to the new system when it comes out for $90 i think. I chose to switch because I wanted it to be waterproof, after my medtronic one broke a couple of weeks ago because it got wet. Also, as a girl I'm hoping it will be really nice to not have to dig my pump out from underneath a dress to give insulin. with the animas the meter will do it for you, while the remote for the minimed pump is not easy to use, and I haven't bothered with it since i first got a pump 10 years ago. I didn't go with omnipod for the same reason, that thing is huge! Good luck! either way I think you'll be happy! =)

I agree with you Rebecca about the CGM.  That thing is good for what it does but it is relentless.  First it puts a big whole in your body, then it beeps when you go high, it beeps when you go low, it beeps all of the time.  I have a box of sensors in the cupboard for about a week and I have not yet put one on.  I think I will wear today.  I hear the dexcom is a bit smaller and more comfortable the the medtronic, but possibly that is wishful thinking.

I have never used Animas, but I did just receive my new Medtronic Revel with CGMS last week.  After one week I am still grabbing for my pump and looking to see what my blood sugar is ALL THE TIME!!!  I love it.  As far as it beeping all the time....  it only beeps if your BG goes out of your target range.  You set the range.  My range is set at 70 - 240, so over or under those limits is the only time it beeps...  if you get a lot of beeps, then you need to get a tighter control of your BG's.  Did I say how much I love it!!!!  It checks your BG 288 times a day... need I say more.  And, you cannot feel the sensor.  You forget it's there *smile*

Kristi, I too like the cgm, but it does take a tole on ones tummy.  Mine leaves red marks that seem to take time to heal.  Possibly I have mine set to tight as my low warning is 70, but my high is 200.   And sometimes it is not that accurate and beeps all night telling me that I am low when I am not.  I can jump that high after eating and then slowly return to my comfort range near 100.  But my diabetes is tricky because sometimes, for unknown reasons to me, I can climb very high and since I exercise a lot I drop low quickly.  Ah Diabetes, 'taint it wonderful!

I'm taking the Animas for a test drive at the end of the month and I am so excited.  I did have a fling with the medtronic cgm and I loved that it babysat me through the night at times (woke me at 3 am once with a bs of 3.9) but it also lied to me sometimes and kept me up all night for no reason.  I also heard about Dexcom and Animas playing together well in the next year or so...Hopefully this will bring my A1C down...

can you tell me which way you ended up?  animas or medrontic and why?  we are in the throws of determining which one to go with.


It's a really tough decision.  I have now tried the animas ping(should have dexcom in Canada in the next year or so) and the medtronic paradigm veo with cgm.  Of course, they both have pros and cons.  The animas has a good remote control...I have not tried the medtronic one.  The animas is also waterproof if that is important to you.  I did not like the battery change with the have to reprogramme certain things and this is really difficult when it decides you need to do it at 4 am.  

The veo is great.  I like having the cgm to tell me which direction my sugar is going in so I can correct frequently and get tighter control.  The battery change is so easy I can do it in my sleep.

The bottom line is the control of a pump.  My Aic has gone from 0.085 to 0.072 in under 3 months...hopefully it will get even better...good luck

I am using the Animas pump and the Dexcom sensor. From what I've heard from many people, the Medtronic sensor that goes with the pump has many issues, and most people stop using it shortly after getting it. It works for some people, but provides multiple errors and needs to be calibrated more often than the Dexcom sensor.

So, you can use a sensor with either pump, but with Animas, you'd need to purchase the Dexcom sensor, which has a separate screen/device for viewing sensor readings.