Animas Ping Support? Lacking!

When we called support at Animas for the Ping, I was really surprised on how poor the follow up was, each time we called the same day, we had another rep that required we read off the serial number, name, DOB, etc. etc. etc., each wasted minute was causing my daughters glucose reading to rise.Tick Tock---ketones!!! You would think they use a modern CRM solution that would update each user that called so the support person can see the history of the problem and solve it!  Support did not even offer to trouble shoot the pump over the phone.

I think Animas outsourced part of their support or call center, the follow up is slow, they would not refer us to a local rep, in the past we had a local rep that came by the house when we had the IR 1250 for hands on training, now we can even get Animas to call back in a timely manner.  Every second counts when the pump does not work and the blood sugar numbers are rising.


If your looking for a pump, I would not recommend Animas Ping, do your homework and talk to lot's of pump companies and their support as well as training.

I have a Ping and have only had to call once, and it was a bit annoying because at the time i was 13 and just had a  question and they would answer it but wouldn't hang up because I was a minor and my parents weren't home. That's the only time I have had to call them and it was good service, just annoying.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them. I personally never have. However, couldn't you have alleviated the blood sugar situation a little by giving your daughter an injection of insulin? That should be standard protocol if your blood sugar is elevated and not responding to the pump or the pump is not working or if a site is bad, etc.