Animas ping?

I just started the process of getting an insulin pump and i am leaning towards the Animas Ping. Does anyone have any thoughts on it or opinion? 

I just started with mine on Monday and I love it so far! :)

I am about to got to my training for the animas ping. the people at the company were so helpful in me getting my pump and very quick and sent it to me in a great amount of time. soooo excited!!

I have had mine for almost a year now and I love it! I Love the pump in general but I really love the ping! I am extremely clumsy, and I have dropped it banged it into wall and such and it only has a few marks on the corners. and I LOVE the remote feature. I've even gone swimming with it a few times and It really is waterproof. I love it and hope you do too (:

I had the ping for a while. I didn't keep it (pumping isn't for me) but I did like the features on it and the ability to bolus without having to pull it out. Animas is a lot of help with getting insurance to cover it as well and they were great every step of the way..even when I called to tell them I wasn't going to keep it past the 3month money-back guarantee period!