Animas Ping?

Hello all :)

I am new to Juvenation and soon to be new to pumping! My Animas Ping is on its way, and I hope to start on it within the next few weeks! I am really excited about it, and I was hoping I could get some tips or likes/dislikes about the pump?

Hi Sarah!  Welcome to Juvenation!  :)

I also use the Animas Ping.  While there are many things I like about my Ping, and a few things I don't.  The only other insulin pump I've used was the Deltec Cozmo, so that is where my frame of reference stems from.

What I like:

  • Small increments allowed for basal rates (.025), which help me be more exact in my dosing
  • Waterproof - especially important in the summer!
  • I didn't have to switch infusion sets/cartridges - the Comfort brand ones I had used with my Cozmo, and liked, work with this one.
  • Menus are pretty easy to navigate
  • Size of the pump is flatter, so it "hides" under clothing more easily, for me
  • It uses alkaline batteries, so I don't have to change the battery as often.  I usually go 2 - 3 weeks between battery changes.
  • The option of using a remote, so I don't have to dig my pump out of my clothing each time.

What I don't like:

  • There's no "back" button - so you have to scroll all the way through menus and start again
  • To me, the vibrate mode is pretty noisey.  My Cozmo was much quieter.
  • When you replace the battery, you have to do the rewind/prime dance all over again.  Otherwise, it reads the amount of insulin in your cartridge as "0u" with the new battery in.

Congrats on getting your new pump, and please feel free to message me if you have any questions with it!  :)



Kim is right on all accounts - I would add that the download software is pretty nice - the Ping has a lot of features that you can download and track and the printouts are really easy to read and to email.

 Also, I have found customer service great to work with when you have a question on any of the features plus in the near future they will be adding a CGM and allow for an upgrade. I have not heard anymore on the upgrade but I would guess after the first of the year.