Animas Pump

currently I have a medtronic pump but am contemplating switching. Any feedback? Anyone had both and prefer another?

I used the MM 522 for about 4 months - and then gave the Animas 2020 a trial run - and ended up with the Animas because I found the screen easier to read (it's larger),  more user friendly, was water proof, was smaller in size, comes in cool colours, uses luer lock infusion sets (I have more choice then what Medtronic has), and the most important thing, Customer Service.  I had problems getting hold of both my rep and Medtronic at one point, and it was darn scary.  Never had that problem with Animas.

Hope I'm not too late in replying to your question and it helps you in your decision.  Are you looking at the Ping?

I'm back - just noticed Caitlin had asked the same question - there are more replies there - like they keep on saying - Customer Service - number 1!!!  Here's the link if you haven't seen it already for this thread