Animas v Minimed?

I currently use the Minimed Paradigm, but I was wondering what Animas pump users think about the benefits of using Animas instead. So, why Animas? Or why Minimed (although I don't expect to get any answers to that here)? If you've actually used both, even better.

My first pump was a MiniMed Paradigm.  I had it about four years but towards then end it would continue priming if I let it.  When I asked MiniMed about it, they weren't very helpful - poor customer service.  I went to a Diabetes Expo at about the same time, Animas was very helpful.  When my MiniMed finally quit, Animas had a pump at my door the next day! I have been using it now for 4 years.

Now I also have a Dexcom7 CGM.  Animas & Dexcom are working to integrate shortly.

I like the Animas - bolusing options, etc.  Dislikes - the infusion sets have more steps than the MiniMed (as I remember) infusion sets.

wow coincidence.. i was told that i could go on the pump when i am ready and my doctor told me he would put me on either animas or minimed but told me that it was up to me, i have really been leaning to animas but i am not 100% certain that that is the one i need to be on.... any ideas?

I'm starting my one touch ping on thursday! so excited, what lead me to choosing animas is because I feel like they had great customer service!

I just started the process of getting a one touch ping. I really want the water proof feature. My minimed pump got a little wet a few weeks ago and broke. I'm always by the water during the summer, and it just isn't practical to keep using a pump that is barely water resistant. What minimed told us was that as the pump gets older even sweat can be enough water to break it because it get's little "fissures" in the plastic. Plus i like that the meter can control everything so when i'm wearing dresses I no longer have to excuse myself from the table, or reach up my skirt. so i'm a little nervous to change to a new brand after 10 years, but excited for something new.