Animas versus Medtronic



I am currently looking at getting on either the Medtronic Pump or the Animas pump as those are the only 2 offered through my insurance. I know there are plenty of threads on the subject, but all outdated. Does anyone have a preference over the other? I am leaning towards the Animas pump as I like the embedded carb counting database idea, and being able to remotely administer the pump. I am not sure if I like the idea of having two things attached all the time with CGM. The only thing that is preventing me from pulling the trigger on Animas is my ratio right now is 2.5 to 3. I know the Animas only holds 200 versus the Medtronic at 300. I will be changing reservoirs before 3 days with Animas for sure I know.My endo says i'll be at 150 basal with in 3 days not including bolus for meals. She said you can change reservoirs with out having to chance insets. Does anybody have experiences with high ratio numbers and Animas vs Medtronic?  Any advice would be helpful?