Animus Ping vs. Vibe/CGM?

Currently using the Animus OneTouch Ping, which as the GM remote option. Warranty is expiring and it’s time to update my device. I’m considering the Vibe which has the CGM. I’m concerned about not having the remote option because I often tuck the pump into places that are not easily accessible. Any input from people who have made the switch?

Sage, I haven’t used either Vibe or Animus do I can’t help you there.
But all three of the MiniMed pumps I’ve used have the remote option - which I have activated. My wife keeps the remote handy so she can turn me off if I appear to be going too low.

Hi Sage,

Thanks for asking this question, my daughter is choosing her first pump and this is our last issue. She wants to be able to wear dresses and hide the pump (she is 13) so really likes the remote option but the VIBE well integrate with her Dexcom. I just wonder if one or the other is really worth it? Do you carry a Dexcom receiver with the Ping now?

Looking forward to any suggestions, thanks!


I have a Dexcom and recently went with an Animas pump. I did not go with the Vibe,( I did try it out) I went with the Ping even though it is not the “latest and greatest”. I am SO glad that I did, I often wear dresses and in the work environment I could not do without the remote option. It is absolutely invaluable to me. I don’t mind carrying the separate receiver, I am quite used to carrying a lot of items for my Diabetes care. For what it’s worth I love my Ping and my Dexcom and I have the best control I have had in years; so despite all the options on the market this combo met my needs the best.

I never used a CGM but jumped in when contacted about the Vibe/Dexcom combo. I really like the CGM feedback but I have to be honest and say that losing the remote feature of the Ping was a bad choice on my part. I have to wear my pump under my clothing for work and the need to put my hands on my pump not only to bolus but also to cancel CGM alarms was rough. Costwise for me the CGM receiver was comparable to the Vibe and carrying the receiver was no problem. I am a fan of the Animas Ping product and the Dexcom CGM, but the combo didn’t work.

I have been using the Vibe/Dexcom combo for about 3 months now. I like the fact that you only carry one receiver, however, it is difficult sometimes to check numbers and alarms, depending on where you are carrying it. Dexcom has recently come out with the new G5 transmitter which will allow the CGM to connect with your smartphone. I am planning on upgrading to this when my warranty expires.