Anniversary with this lovely gift :)

This month is my 2 year anniversary with "betes" :) I would love for anyone to share their anniversary dates with this gift in disguise. hehehe

November 25, 2000

how do you celebrate?

My husband was diagnosed on Oct 11, 2010, so he's coming up on 7 months.  I hadn't thought about celebrating the one-year anniversary before, but now that you mention it, I think we do have a lot to celebrate!  When I remember how scary it was at first and how much we've learned...sure there have been and will be tough times but he is doing so great now.  And you must be a pro now after 2 years :) !

It was Columbus Day weekend, and perfect gorgeous fall weather here in DC, but he felt so sick he spent the whole weekend in bed before he ended up in the ER on Monday.  So to celebrate this October, I think we'll probably be out in our canoe or hiking, something that we couldn't do that day that he loves to do!

yes!!! there is much to celebrate and to be thankful for after each year that passes :)

November 1st, 2000. This year will be my 10th year :D

Wow, I never thought of celebrating my anniversary date. I was diagnosed in August of 1967. I was 10 years old. If I thought of celebration, I'd celebrate no complications to date, that I've accomplished most of my goals (at 17 I couln't join the Army as a Diabetilc). But because of Diabetes, I am the healthest of my peers, have the best weitht for my heigth than my peers. So yes,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME ...Donna