Annoyed with Omnipod Service!

My expectations are, I suspect, too high, and I am saying this at the outset of this post so that ya’ll don’t mistakenly think that I believe I’m being reasonable. 


So I got a PDM error from my Omnipod controller that said to remove the Pod and call support. 


I called support. 


Now I am going to stop here and tell you what I expected to happen.  I expected the support person to be empathetic.  I expected him/her to tell me they would send me a replacement pod or two (to make up for the fact that I will inevitably lose insulin in this process).  I expected them to recommend that I reset the PDM with a paperclip and to have them let me know that I should disable the Pod after I remove it so that it did not start beeping loudly and incessantly.


What did happen?  Well, the cheerful attendant did let me know that I can reset my PDM with a paper clip.  And she also told me that they know the problem is caused by static and I can expect it to happen again (not surprising since this is the second time it has occurred in about two to three weeks).   I asked if they would replace the Pod and she said that she thought they probably would do that if I asked when I placed my next reorder.  The words “probably” and “reorder”  both hung in my mind.


I just changed insurance at the start of last year so I suspect I may be able to get away with changing pump vendors…  Anyone have these sort  of issues with the Ping?  Anyone from Medtronics out there looking for someone to test your Omnipod competitor product I hear is coming out in the not too distant future???


Thanks for letting me vent!





I am currently on the Omnipod and have had the same thing happen.  I never called just because the woman who trained me, from Omnipod, told me that it could happen.  When the alarm sounded I was unable to get it to stop.  Thank goodness, I was home at the time.  I still like the pod better than the minimed pump.  I love the new sense of freedom without tubing! 

my son has the ping. Customer service is an A+. My sales rep even helped me out with some supplies that i could not pay for. I had meter issues and they sent me a new one overnight. Love this company!

which one is the ping??

dorit tovi,


Since a picture is worth a thousand words:






I had the same thing happen to me we didn't know what was wrong ( they never told us either ) when my mom called they just said to get a pod and they would send a replacment


Just be careful.  They have told me twice that they would send the replacement pods with my next re-order and (by the looks of the ship notification from them) they did not.  Make sure you get them to commit to the replacements before you hang up the phone. 



Just to follow the thought-

I had another PDM failure today, following one 3 days ago, following another one... anyhow... When I called up and mentioned that I found it frustrating the reps tone got sharp and said “you know there is something you can try” and I cut her off and told her that  I was carrying the PDM wrapped in dryer sheet already (they have suggested this every time I  have gotten the error) and she said very quickly, “Well, you should probably spray the case with anti-static spray, too.”  So, now – the fact that I’m blowing a 60 dollar pod early every few uses – it’s all my fault… No offer to replace it, no consideration for the insulin – no apology…

Only because of my somewhat shameful fear of needles - I think I may out-of-pocket another controller for one last go at this thing but if I keep having these problems I am pretty sure I am going to have to switch pumps.  The benefits are quickly eroding.



Hmmm.  I've never had a problem with getting them to replace pods.  I even made them replace a box of pods once because the first 4 we used (my daughter's the type1) didn't work properly.  So, although we couldn't recover the wasted insulin and numerous extra test strips, they did replace the pods without hesitation.  That's a problem with their design, not anything you're doing wrong, so they should definitely replace the pods. I'd call back and ask again -- you do need to save the pods to give them the lot # on the pod. Very frustrating! Good luck.


My daughter is on the OmniPod.  The representatives had told me that if the pod alarms because something is wrong it is doing its job and they do not replace them.  I have had times where she is high with a pod for no reason and no alarms.  Those they replaced.

I usually received the replacement pods within 2 days, not with the reorder.

Sometimes it depends on the representatives you get.  Once a representative replaced a pod that did alarm.

Overall I have had good experience with the OmniPod service.



Most of the problems I have had recently have been PDM errors.  Apparently it is very static prone.  Omnipod support asked me to carry it wrapped in a dryer sheet.  When I did that and had the same problem three days later, I was told I should have also sprayed the bag with static guard.  It is their carrier – their unit and whatever I do, it seems I should have done one more thing.  And though the PDM failure means you have to replace the pod, they did not want to since I am apparently responsible for the static. 


I am glad to know that Omnipod has been so responsive for you.  The few times I have called because I had sugars going up and no alarms I was asked to remove the pod and deliver a bolus.  When insulin came out of the cannula I was told the problem was not with their unit and I should just put on another pod. 


When they have shipped replacements, they have shown up quickly.  It may seem hard to believe because I do a bad job of concealing my discontent, but really- I hope it is only me and that everyone else using them is getting great service!  My last three failures (all in the last 2 weeks) I haven’t even called in to Omnipod.  I am really considering using up the pods I have and seeing if my endo will let me switch pumps later this year.  I may also calm down, relax, hit a good batch of pods, have the weather warm up and the humidity rise and forget all about my issues until next winter...