Annoying pharmacist

So, i'm trying to find a green one touch mini that i can take running with me, cuz carrying my first meter (an ultrasmart) or my second meter (an ultra link) is ridiculous. I've been going to CVS and asking if they happen to have any green ones behind the counter (for some reason they all have only pink and silver out in front). So today I went to one local CVS and asked the pharmacist if they had any green ones behind the counter, and he sort of smirked at me and asked "you want it... in a different color...?" like it was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard. 

Well, i was just coming from a half hour of fighting lows (which started with a 32), and was not in the best possible mood, so i was pretty upset with him. I just said "yes", but what I wish i had said was "yes. I test my blood sugar 8+ times per day, which means I'm poking a needle into my finger 8+ times, every day. I can't go running without my pockets bulging with supplies because i might pass out if i end up too low. I get to listen every day to all the ways this disease is going to ravage my body. I count the carbohydrate in everything i eat. I am attached to a medical device 24/7, and without it, i would literally die. Yes, I want the meter in a different f***** color. Got a problem with that?"

End rant. Tell me about times that health care professionals have said annoying things to you. Or even better, tell me about times that health care professionals have said things that are really uplifting and useful to you. 

Isn't annoying how much trust we put in these people and they can be such idiots?! Two summers back, I got a stomach virus and needless to say, my blood sugar got really high. I went to the ER when I couldn't even keep water down, and they took my insulin pump away while they put in an IV. Several hours later and after asking every nurse that stopped by, they still wouldn't let me have my insulin pump. I was told I could have it back "when I started feeling better". After explaining to the nurse that I would never "feel better" without it, I had to get pretty mean with the doctors so they would give me back my pump. By that time, I could tell my BG was sky high, and I had to stay in the ER even longer. Ugh.. healthcare "professionals" can be so clueless sometimes!

ajax,I would rant about that too !!    Lindsay,this is why anytime a person with or even without d,needs someone to be there for them.Did you have a talk with your doctor about this ? ...... The only thing I can think of at this minute-is the time we were in the endo office.This person in training came in asking questions and such.We got on the subject of sugar and he said "just do like I do,don't eat any sugar" I let it go but I wanted to ask what he thought I sould give my daughter when she hit a low....

I must admit that your story is amusing.  I hate it but I'm also rather short with people when I'm low.  However I've always had nothing but positive experiences at my local CVS.  They've always gone out of my way to help me out, for instance if a prescription has run out, and even helped make my insulin cheaper by indicating that a 4 months supply was really only a 1 month supply and cut my copay by like $60.  

PS.  I think I'm actually using a green one right now haha... I didn't have to murder a pharmacist to get it though so I'm lucky! :)  I'm definitely in the market for a new one though after losing one and having another one stolen.  

What!? Who steals a glucose meter? 

one time a pharmacist at CVS was making obnoxious comments because my perscription for test stips says I test 10 x per day. is not her business and why is she reading my perscription and sticking her opion where it doesnt belong. cvs is annoying

Ugh. I had a nurse tell me that I was weird to test 10x a day, that I only needed to test once. Then I tested and was low, which I hope made her rethink her stance. 

um, they make the one touch mini in different colours so that people can have a choice, not so they can have any colour randomly selected by a pharmacist.

i have always find our pharmacists to be very helpful- i don't even have to tell them my son's name anymore. they just know when they see me coming-lol

that must have been so scary! 

[quote user="ajax"]

What!? Who steals a glucose meter? 


Happened to me as well.  Some clown lifted my meter in 8th grade during a fire drill.  Classy individual.

wow how low will people go for a glucose meter? ( pun not intended)

FYI Ajax, I have found a blue and silver meter at the Pharmacy's by me, all hidden behind the counter. A green one I can keep my eye out for if you ever want me to pick one up for you, I have no issue's putting the cash out and sending it to you. Also, since you are on a pump, I think you said at some point you have a Ping pump. You can go to the Animas website and go to their store. On the e-store you can find the limelight pump for sale under Blood Glucose Monitoring - One Touch Products. Again for the cost of 19.99. If you order it through them you might be able to get away with them billing your insurance and getting it for lower costs. You can find it here.

My good story is in Dec when my son started on the pump, we asked for a second blood ketone meter to keep at his daycare. Our endo clinic had given us the first one, but didn't have another the day he started the pump. But somehow the prescription was written incorrectly and stated a BG meter instead of Blood Ketone. Anyway, to make a long story short, when I picked everything up finally in January, I got the ketone meter and BG strips - no good. Fortunately, our pharmacist was very apologetic about the mix up, and didn't charge us for the ketone strips (since we would have had no copay in Dec for them.)


Back at the beginning of Jan, somewhere here on the site, someone posted a link,, which will get you a free One Touch Mini. If you fill out the little survey, and it says you qualify for a free meter, they then let you choose the color meter you want, and send you one for free. I had to put in a different kind of meter that I use (If you select one touch, it won't let you get the meter free, but if you select another brand, and that you have had that meter for more than a year, it will send you one.). I had several family members do this, because Hannah likes the "clicker" as we call it for checking her sugar, and One Touch wanted to charge me something like $5.00 each if I was to order them. When I found this site, I had several diabetic family members do this and when they got the meters, they gave them to me. I think I have one in every color now! They do have the green One Touch. Hope this helps, if you have not already gotten your green meter!



I refuse to get my insulin from CVS because they are a large corperation/company. I only shop small pharmacies, it can be a hassel but it is worth it because the level of care is so much better. They know me by name, they watch my back, get me my insulinand supplies without any snide comments, and even know the ins and outs of my insurance company so they can get me the best deal.

When it comes to pharmacys I only shop small.

When I was dx 3 years ago and went to get my first Rx of insulins, the idiot pharmacist didn't know that adults could get type 1!!  And he'd been the pharmacist/owner there for years and years.  Sheesh!  And yes I still go there because my dispensing fees are covered by my retirement package and we all know how many prescriptions we all have.

Good news! I got CVS (a different one from the one with the annoying pharmacist) to order a green ultra mini for me, and it should be there tomorrow! yay!


Two weeks ago I called in my prescription to my pharmacy for more test strips and insulin.  I was told by the pharmacy tech that it was "two days too soon to refill my test strips" .  TWO days to have a limit on the amount of times I am allowed by another person to test my sugar?!?!?!!  I was livid.  It's not like I am trying to get some sort of controlled substance!  I need these strips to know where I am to stay alive.  Anyhow, I called my NP's office, and asked the receptionist to please ask her to rewrite the prescription or something. 

That night, I picked up my insulin, and asked about the strips--nothing from the NP yet.  Man at the window still didn't understand my arguement about needing to know sugar levels and I had several malfunctions with strips (which non diabetic pharmacy techs don't think 'can happen').  That night, my NP called me and said she had just sent off the rewrite and I could get them the next morning and that my A1C was a 5.7--any reason to throw that in is nice for me  :D.  I think it's funny, if we need something for life....why do we need technicalities?

I always go to Walgreens.  One time I filled my Novolog prescription and they shorted me a bottle.  I called and the person said that it was no problem, they counted their stock and that they did, in fact short me, and I could pick up the bottle anytime.  I went to pick it up a day later or something and there was a different pharmacist there than who I spoke to on the phone.  I explained the whole situation, the guy went to look for it.  He came back and said that it wasn't there, and then started acting all weird and suspicious.

I had brought a friend with me, and while I was busy getting something out of my purse and not paying attention, she heard him say "Just be honest, did you use too much and now you need more?" or something to that effect.  I swear to god my subconscious mind must have blocked me from hearing that, because if I did, I probably would have reached across that pharmacy counter...  After that another pharmacist came out and helped me.  She found the insulin in the refrigerator.  Apparently this guy knew so little about insulin and type 1 diabetes, that he didn't even know it would be in the refrigerator.

When I was a young teenager I went to this dietitian who was a real bitch.  She was looking at my blood sugar records and saw one in the 300's.  She asked me about it.  I said that it was because I ate a slice of sicilian pizza and had miscalculated the carbs for it.  She let it go, but then later, she accused me of not caring about my diabetes or something like that.  I tried to defend myself and her response was a smug smile and "well you're eating slices of sicialian pizza" like it was the biggest sin in the world.  I said "don't you ever eat pizza?" and she said "I'm not a diabetic."  She then proceeded to tell me that I was going to have a heart attack.  WTF?  She was thoroughly overweight, by the way.  Her shitty treatment is part of the reason that I'm going to school to become a dietitian and diabetes educator.  I will NEVER treat one of my patients like that, especially a young person dealing with a chronic disease.