ANNOYING questions that people ask!

What is the most ANNOYING thing that people ask you? or the most ANNOYING thing that people say to, thinking they know more then you do!

I'm glad that you are so excited about posting, but check out this link for annoying questions and annoying things people say. Probably 45% of this place seems to be dedicated to fighting misinformation and educating people about type 1.

Thank you, stilledlife!! :) i'll check it out!! im new to this website!

You cant eat that! It has too much sugar in it!

Ummmm nooo i know what i can and cannot eat!

Soooo annoying! lol

It's as if they have diabetes and you don't when they say stuff like that. It's ridiculous!

Also this one: "You got diabetes because you ate too much sugar as a child?"

It's sad how uneducated people are. But other than that, it can get extremely frustrating when you have someone trying to give you advice an tell you how to live your life because they know from someone distant who has diabetes. The list goes on!!

I actually read a book titled "50 Diabetes Myths"

Check it out! It was worth the read and a great book to pass on to others who you think should be more informed.


This is a great topic!!

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