Annoying stuff people ask

alot of times at school kids always ask me if diabetes ever gets annoying . and its like YES ! ITS TERRIBLE ! or they say stuff like i could never do that ! n i would die if i ever had to give myself shots. and im like i would die if i didnt give my self shots ! another thing they say is did you hate shots before you got diabetes ? and yes everyone hates shots. i hated shots before and i still hate them ! ughh . im just wondering if anyone else gets that kinda stuff .

I was frustrated once and my friend asked me, "Is diabetes really that much of a bummer?" I was frustrated because she just assumed that it was easy . . .  She was soooo wrong. It felt like I wasn't getting any credit for the amount of work I put into this . . .  every second of every day.

Yeah, people say stupid things.

My old man, said "he would just die" because he couldn't manage it, which was great for me who was just newly diagnosed...I have since educated him!

Then yesterday my local doctor (GP) who was filling in for my regular doc said "arn't you a bit old to get diabetes" ( I am 28yrs). Suffice to say it was very annoying particularly after waiting ages to see him, don't think he has much experience with T1D.

Got to love people shows more public edcuation/awareness is needed.

Us T1D's are pretty strong people.

yes ! we definitly need to educate the public about type 1 a whole lot more than we do ! every year my family has a garage sale where all the profit goes to jdrf ! n so much of the time people who think they know about type 1 diabetes will tell me stories . and you just wanna say... SHUT UP ! YOU KNOW NOTHING ! becuase they really dont know anything !

My son is only 3 so the most annoying question I get is "Will he grow out of it?" or "Is he always going to need insulin?" I can't say I get too annoyed by the question itself, but like everyone else, I'm annoyed at the lack of  knowledge for the disease.