Another bad reaction this morning

This morning 8-24-11 the medics had to come and rescue me again. I called them, my BG was 36. I am danger of loosing my housing over this. People just don't understand and to tell you the truth I don't either. I am eating all the time, checking my bg's at least 5 times per day, I am doing everything  my endo says etc. etc. etc. After being a type 1 for more than 28 yr's I am really tired of all of this. Peoples reactions to my reactions is alway's scathing, even rude. People alway's say it is my fault and that i am not taking care of myself? So not only is the reaction hard to take but then I have to take peoples mean opinions. This has happened to me so many times with myself and people that I have lost count. I am tired of all of this, their seems to be no real answer. I called my endo's nurse and gave her all my bg numbers, my meals "carb counts", my insulin intake etc. I think stres is playing a major role in my problems since my Mom died. I  just hope their is not something else going on with my body?


I hate to bring up the obvious but, just to rule it out, what about exercise? From the picture it looks like you are in shape and probably exercise a lot? Obviously, that could be a factor.

I walk alot but I don't do any heavy excercise. I am thin naturally because of the diabetes. I wish I could gain weight. I think most of my calories are burnt up because of stress and my overactive brain? I need to learn how to tune out and turn my brain off. I need to learn how to meditate. I need to empty my teacup so I can receive peace and tranquility. Fear also is one of my major character defects. My fear is fueled by the fear of what might come next with my diabetes. I am alway's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Been there, bro. Been there. I really think the walking is doing it to you. I notice I can get lows if I am on my feet or walking long enough because I have a desk job and I don't do that much.

Hi Jon,

You have a lot on your mind and on your plate. These are all factors that can contribute to morning lows. I have had simi;ar problems, early morning lo0w BS of 25 -45 and it scares the crap out of me. I have found a new endo and together we have been working on stopping this problem. Finding someone to talk to about your stress and worries is a good help and keeping tabs on you BS and food intake are good.

People react the way they do because they don't understand. I have been type 1 for 43 years and I teach anybody that wants to learn. I have even helped EMTs and paramedics understand more about the insulin pump and how to disconnect without pulling it out. You have to kind of look at it as we are teachers and ambassaders for our disease and most of the public have very little understanding of the problems we face or endure daily.

You quoted McCartney and Lennon, I'm going to quote somebody a little newer.

You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down. Tom Petty

Don't give up or give in. We have to keep plugging away and learn all we can and teach to those that are unknowing.

Are you using an insulin pump?  How about a CGM?

Are you still functional when your BG is 36?  Do you keep low blood sugar treatments easily accessible in your house?  For years when I had bad lows I'd keep a glass of juice in the fridge, so I could drink it quickly.  Also would keep a juice box (with straw in it) or open can of 7-up on my nightstand.  Make sure to keep sugar easily accessible until you get this problem solved.

You need to figure out what's going on, but don't be too hard on yourself.  Diabetes is always changing and you have to get creative to manage it day in and day out.  Other people are stressed from your lows and that's why they want you to "fix them".  But unless you're a diabetic you can't understand it's not always easy to do.  

Keith's advice is right on.  You need a doctor who will help you and encourage you.  

I really agree with daron; I am a long time  type one and hard core exercise fanatic, but I never saw my blood sugar go so low consistently in the morning as when I walked all day, casually, on my vacation. The slow fat burning properties of exercise done at a moderate level are proven, and overnight is the perfect time for this to materialize, causing you lows hours after the walking. Of course, it could be a myriad of other things, but I started having light carb and protein including snacks before bed and that helped a whole bunch. It's a place to start, at least.

I am new to the group but I see it has been a while since you posted. How are you now? Are your sugars more stable? It sounds like you might hypo unawareness. My dad developed that after living with Type 1 for many years. He could never tell he was going low. As I child watching it I was terrified. I have Type 1 also but for the most part can still when my sugars are high and low. I agree with you about the stress affecting sugars. Mine however tends to have the opposite affect and are high. I hope things are better for you now.

"GRRRR....... this picture is what I feel like after the medics leave, "sad but true"

Anita: Thanks, yes I am hanging in their. My Endo has never mentioned "hypo unawareness?". I last saw him on Sept 2nd and I haven't had a reaction since then. My stress level has lowered and thus my BG's are better. I am sorry you had to see your Dad go through those scary reactions as I have. This is why I have never been married and never wanted to be a parent of any kind. My nieces and nephews have seen my reactions on some of our family vacations and that was bad enough for me. Acceptance is the key to my survival, and knowing and hearing that I am not alone is why I am here. J.R.