Another new pump on the horizon

For those of you who are (a) interested and (b) hadn't seen this:

I think it's nice to see more competition showing up on the infusion devices.  It can only be good for us!



I don't know if anybody has made a comment on this, but any concern about having so many disposable devices fill our landfills?  This seems to be the new path for pumps--in that, they are disposable.  In our new green kind of era, does this make sense?  Can these be recycled or something instead?  Just food for thought...

Insulet has the "EcoPod" disposal program.  With each OmniPod order, I receive a Federal Express pouch and the appropriate packaging to send my used pods back to Insulet or a disposal company.  The metals are extracted, and the remainder is crushed for the landfill.

But even if there were no EcoPod program, there would still be no way that I would go back to a tubed pump to save a miniscule amount of landfill waste given that this technology keeps me alive and makes my life a lot more livable.  Heck, in this supposedly green era, Congress gives away billions of dollars in the "Cash for Clunkers" program to send perfectly working cars (most of which were not really "clunkers") to the landfill.  All to save 10 MPG per new car, and ignoring the energy and natural resources expended to build the new replacement car.  Just a little perspective... .

I actually don't use the Eco Pod disposal program because when I called they were going to charge me MORE to use it and I simply can't afford it.