Another one of us makes the big leagues!

Chicago Cubs outfielder Sam Fuld is type one.  He sounds like a cool guy!!

wow. i've been a cubs fan for a long time. that's awesome. i'm ashamed that i didn't already know though! haha.

No way!  Thanks for posting this.  I have lived in CA most of my life but was born in Chicago.  6 months after I was dx'd Ron Santo came to my small little town.  There were only about 15 or so in the little get together and only about 5 kids with T1 there.  I was nine and he sat after and talked to me for 1/2 hour about baseball and diabetes.  From then on, I became a die hard Cubs fan.  It is sad that Mr. Santo has had to go through what he has in recent years but hopefully he will continue the fight.   When people give me a bad time in my office (all LA Dodger fans-jerks lol) about the Cubs not getting to or winning the world series, I tell them it's all about hope - just like a cure for diabetes.  :)  Thanks again for the post!

CUBBBBBBBBIES!!! That makes me super excited there is a new diabetic in town. Not that I don't love Ron Santo...b/c I do! Got his jersey and everything!! =)