Another piercing?


Okay so when I was 8 (long beofore i was diagnosed) i had gotten my first ear piercing. It wasnt in the middle of my lobe where it was supposed to be and it got badly infected and i had to let them close. When i was 13, after the old scar started healing, i tried getting the piercing again(after being diagnosed) and so far, everything has been fine with it. For my birthday, i really want to get another piercing right above the one i already have but my parents are scared that it will get infected and be a huge mess and because im diabetic, i have a higher risk of getting it infected.  I know im going to take care of it, cleaning etc. but i really dont want it to get infected:)

Has anyone else had any problems with this?!? and do you think its a good idea getting it again close to where it got infected before?


I think if you're taking care of it (cleaning, etc.), you should be okay.  I have had 2 lobe piercings in each ear, with no problem....  2 ear cartilidge piercings, both got infected... and an eyebrow piercing (long, long ago!) that my body didn't like very much... it actually grew out.  I think the difference was placement, for one, but also I took better care of the lobe piercings.  What sort of metal was the earring made of?  That can make a big difference.... I always had to get 14k gold until it healed.

I got my nose pierced about 2 months ago and have had no problems, but I still put antibiotic cream on it periodically just to be on the safe side.

lol we stick needles in ourselves everyday. i dont think we have too many problems in the area of piercings.

i have a total of 11, count 'em 11 peircings(i count my lobes as one..though technically i have 12 pierced holes).

i have four peircings in one each, two in the other ear, a double eyebrow(after re-piercing a horizontal eyebrow 5times cuz it kept rejecting, which isn't that uncommon for surface piercings, into scar tissue that had only been left to heal for two weeks each time then gave up on it), my navel, my nose(just got that done), and my breasts done.


as long as you clean them(though i even stopped that process after a month or so honestly), have good hygiene and keep an eye on them for infections(if they start to get really red or hurt, go see the piercer) you SHOULD be fine. that's not saying you will be, but in my experience, i have yet to take a piercing out because it got infected. i have had infected or sad looking piercings before, and all i did was go to the piercer, was told to keep cleaning them, it was just my body trying to fight this foreign metal,  and if my blood sugars go outta whack or it gets worse, go to the doc for anti-botics(have yet to have that happen, the cleaning was enough).

when you go, they are gonna ask you to fill out a sheet, so you're gonna have to let them know anyways. won't really mean much, they will just tell you to be extra careful since diabetics are more likely to get infections.


one BIG thing NOT go to a place like Claire's where they use a GUN to pierce you. If you're gonna do this, do it RIGHT and do it sanitary! Go to a tattoo and piercing parlor with your parents and get a professional to do it with a NEEDLE. the guns are DIRTY and the girls who peirce with them are untrained. make sure you go to a place that has a good reputation around town and is clean(your parents might think they are dirty cuz mom did. she was intimated by the parlor until she met the piercer and he joked around with her then i got her to take me when i was 16 to get my navel done.) another good thing about going to a professional parlor, is that they use titanium steel to pierce you..none of this cheap gold and silver crap Claire's and the likes put in. I almost had to give up on my ear piercings because of the crappy jewelry they put in my ear when i was 8. the reason it got infected, could be due to the jewelry, i can't wear anything cheap to this day because if i do..within 15mins my piercing will start to get irritated and red.


if your parents have any questions, you can always get them to e-mail me(natalie[at] and i'd be happy to help ease their concerns! :)


I've had several piercings and tattoos with no problems, and one of my nondiabetic friends had to remove a tongue ring several different times due to infection.  I think it comes down to aftercare and your body, not simply the presence of diabetes.  Be sure to follow the instructions for care you get and you should be fine.

i think you will be fine getting it done again as long as you stay on top of cleaning it and all that stuff. and the second it starts looking red or hurting take it out. Good luck :)

Over a year ago, before I was diagnosed I got my helix pierced. It never healed right which was probably the first sign that I was going to be diabetic. A few months before I was diagnosed my ear actually completely pushed the earring out and I have a weird looking scar because the earring actually ripped the ear.

I haven't had anything pierced since but I would recommend asking your doctor about the best way to go about it. They may have some tips for you, but I think if your diabetes is under control you should be fine!!!

Another thing if your ears are easily infected use sterling silver or nickel free earrings, I know that if I ever wear cheap earrings my other holes will get infected as well.

I have no piercings now however there was a time ...

Every piercing I ever had I had trouble with except for my tongue which I kept for 10 years. My ears, hand, belly button, all got infected at some point and were either pushed out or were just to painful to leave in. I do not heal well when it comes to skin related things. However never had one problem with the tongue piercing.

I would be cautious about taking advice from a health care professional and applying it to piercings.  Many medical personnel will advise using things like antibacterial ointments when many piercers know medical grade products can encourage rejection (the piercing coming out).  This is why many shops recommend saline rinses.

Me and Batts just had this discussion not to long ago lol. I have my nipples and tung pierced. The only thing is that, everything takes a long time to heal. Mine are just about done from July. So keep em clean with antibacterial soap everyday and be patient. 

K lets not be over dramatic. Its a piericing...not lethal injection. Get pierced and clean it like you would any other piercing. We are dying but we are not dead yet. Live it up. Ive got  piercings all over. I'm still alive! If we let diabetes hold us back from living then why not spend your life in prison.