Another silly D question today

So, people have been posting about the ignorant questions people ask about D, and I had a good one today. I've had a lot of medical problems lately, so I've been taking a lot of time off from work. So, today, instead of going to my normal eye dr to get more contacts, I went to one at an eye glasses store b/c they are open on Saturdays. As part of my case hx, when I said I'm diabetic, she asked, "What's your blood sugar then?" I said, "do you mean my a1c?" And she said, "No, I mean your blood sugar." So, I asked, "Which one?" to which she looked confused. So, I tried to explain to her that w/ Type 1, you have to take insulin and your sugars may change by the minute. Instead of admitting she was confused, she said, "Oh, it's type 1? Then, that's ok." It gave me a laugh b/c I should have just made up a random number, but instead I tried to explain it to her, and she tried to cover it up and act like she knew what she was talking about rather than trying to understand my explanation. Next time, I should say something random like 1.6 ... or 7000.

It's hit or miss when you go to some eye care professionals. I know the ones I have usually dealt with while they asked about eye health, they were more concerned about the $30 test to look into my eyes. One of them I felt was genuine, but the other I truly felt was more about getting as much from me in one eye exam as possible. At least she thought to ask.