Another type 1 at school


so i just recentally found out that there is another type one at my school. he is a year oder then me and one of the more popular guys. i really want to go and say hi  and just talk to him, but cause he saw me at clinic before i don't want him to get affended or try to take my intentions the wrong way. i don't want other people to no about me and i no that he probably doesn't want other people knowing about him having the "D". how do i talk to him without him getting affended or scared that i will tell other people about the "D"? 

well if you ever see him in clinic again maybe approach him there? otherwise if he has a facebook or myspace you could message him. This way it's private and not as awkward as a face to face conversation.

i've been in this situation before... it's always tough because you don't want them to be offended or get the wrong intentions as you said.

good luck! let us know how it goes.

I don't think that you need to worry about other people knowing. You could help educate the people around you about diabetes and if they do know and something happens to you (hopefully not) that would help them to explain to a nurse or teacher.

As to the guy thing, don't be scared and when you do decide to say something just be confident. Whats the worse that could happen? He is probably thinking the same thing. Every diabetic wants someone to talk to that can relate to them.

Good Luck!!!


What Melissa said sounds like the best approach.  Personally, I'd meet him in person though, because what if you ask him on FB and then he seems all awkward when he meets you in school (assuming that he replies)?  Maybe it won't be that way, but at least in person, if he does tell you, than it means that he's comfortable about it.  Find him when he's not around his friends... I'm sure there's bound to be a time when he's not surrounded with people, and just ask!  As for not wanting people to know, I get you since I don't tell everyone that I'm diabetic.  There's actually people I've known since elemetary school who don't know, just because I feel that there's no need for people to know absolutely everything about me.  The best you can do, is do your part and not spread around the fact that he's diabetic, as well as telling him that you don't tell many people when you go up to him. Also, if you see that he's actually telling people, than tell him then so he can stop.  However, I don't think it's a matter that he'll spread around, but then again, I have no idea who he is :)

when i was in middle school i knew of 6 other people with diabetes well 7 if you counted the principal. one of them was diagnosed around the time that i was having major problems with my diabetes crazy bloodsugars. i think he was scared he'd be like me.