Answer This! :)))

Ohkay, so actually I;m sitting here in biology class typing a blog on juvenation! hahahhaa, but seriously what has made you laugh sooooo  much that you could not stop laughing!??? Make me laugh and I''ll declare a winner!!!!:)

Okay I'll give this my best shot.

It has to do with the mens washroom at College. Don't worry I won't get too graphic. Anyways I had finished using the urinal, then hit the lever for the flush. I then proceeded to go wash my hands. Except in the mirror I could see the urinal wouldn't stop flushing. It was also filling up really fast. There was an older man who was part of some staff using the urinal two down from it. As it began to flood all over the bathroom floor I turned around and said to the man the only thing I could think of WHAT ON EARTH? The older man said try flushing it again, so I hopped through the water and tried to flush it again. Well that obviously didn't work. Anyways he left to go get help and I washed my hands then I got out of there :) I should have mentioned in the beginning that there was a wet floor sign inside the mens washroom when I first went in. Every person in there had a one in three chance of getting the flooding urinal. Anyways I completely flooded that bathroom OOPS.

PS. Later on in the semster I was in one of my classes and an older man from IT came into the room and started using a computer. As I walked out of the room to go use the washroom I saw who it was. The old man from the flooding incident! Awkward.

My sister running threw the mall jumping in random people faces and scaring them and them walking off like nothing happened

My brother on black friday jumping in front of people who were standing in the lines and pretending that it was his spot