Anti-Twilighters Unite...?

Well since we seem to be angering the general population of Twilight lovers there should just be a designated anti twilight zone. ok. now everyone can be happy. so if you want to diss twilight you can do it here and no one will cyber-yell at you.

woop woop!  anti-twilighters unite!  lol

SCORE! count me in.


y don't u guyz like twilight...i mean it is a little to romantic 4 me, new moon kinda sucked but i thought twilight books were pretty good though the movie cud hav been better(way better)  

i am a twilight fan but i can find flaws in it(just like any book) so i think i can reply here. is anyone against that? like did you know, in the 3rd book it said it was june 4th but later in the book, it was may? what? is time moving backwards now?

Twilight is TERRIBLE! EVERY GIRL THAT I'M FRIENDS WITH LOOOVVVVVVEEEE Twilight, and they've convinced their Boyfriends to like it too!  All I have to say is *Throws up in mouth little bit* "Twilight is terrible!"  Yeah! and so are Webkinz!

BTW how do I become a follower to this group?

man i used to be a fan of twilight i still am, but most people i have talked to ONLY talk about twilight. i want to smack them upside the head. come on people it's fictionalized reality. edward does not exist.

Ok!! Who has heard the term "Twihard" Well theyre crazy, rabid twilight fans WHO ARE ON A FREAKING RAMPAGE!!

Its horrible. I kid you not. People are getting attacked by these phycos for dissing twilght. There havnt been any reported deaths yet (unless you count pets ;_;) but im pretty sure that there might be....SERIOUSLY!!!  I'm not joking. Be carefull of what you say in public. I've read accounts of people getting hit with chairs, bricks thrown at them, assulted (verbally/physically, atempted drowning (those were 5th graders!! ) One guy even got ninja chips thrown at him. (ninja chips!O_O)

yes...i am warning you cautious of what you might get attacked.

If you want to read about the attacks go here -------v


...what has this world come to? Myself, I think that Meyer should adress her fanbase on this issue....holy...

R U CRAZY TWILIGHT IS THE BEST THING EVER HAVE U EVER SEEN IT OR READ IT? i love the book but i have 2 admit that the movie wasnt the best but new moon is going 2 be WAY better that the book and edward the only thing i can say......HOTT!!!!!!

But Robert Pattinson does!!! ;D

I dont know how u guys can diss twilight Edward is sooooooooo hot.

ummmmmmmmmmmm because hes abusive, misogynistic, and minipulative.......all you chicks that get turned on by him are tottal necropheliacs.

Twilight supports abusive realationships, sexism and child grooming. I am very much against it.

I haven't read any of the books..and I refuse to watch the movie..but I read the synposis on the books online when my friend was going off about how excited she was about the movie(which she going and spending the whole time laughing..even tho it's far from a comedy) and i felt like throwing up.

The books sound like trash. This whole "Twilight craze" reminds me of Harry Potter(another trend I have never and WILL never get into).

People are going totally crazy over this crap..but PROPS to the author for being able to sell this melo-dramatic vampire bullcrap to the masses.

I wish I could write crap like this and make millions off it!

I do have one question..if this Edward dude is a the hell does he have a kid with whats-her-face and how the hell does he walk around in daylight?!?!


Come on, pick up an Anne Rice book and read some decent Vampire least in her books they stay true to the bloodsucking nightwalkers vampires are suppose to be!


(also..the actor that plays Edward in the movie has to be one of the ugilest people in is up with his hair?!)

i have to say that i actually really like harry potter. they ACTUALLY have CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. they have strong female characters. and PLOTS! huzzzah!! (yes...those ARE things twilight doesnt have.)

I personally don't like the Harry Potter books..granted I only read a few chapters while babysitting once. It's just not interesting to me, I don't read kids books anymore. But the whole craze around Twilight is the same as the craze around Harry Potter..people are obessed! way that its different is that rabid fan girls didnt go around attacking people for disliking harry potter....scary....

well..not that we've heard of in masses :P i still get the whole "omfg why don't you read the books? they are sooo good! they aren't just for kids!" from people who are in their 30s...

those poor people....they have been misled.....;_;

most of the population of harry potter fans have been misled than. most people i know who are harry potter fans are over the age of 15. some of them are parents and read them with their kids..but not most i know of.