Anti-Twilighters Unite...?

oh well....harry potter arnt the best books ever but...there much much much better than twilight.

ok...what anne rice books do you recomend...ive been wanting to read interveiw with a vampire for some time now.....

well first off..the movie isn't that bad..but its not as good as the book. queen of the damned is almost completely different than the book.


i've read almost all of teh vampire series..but i was a teen and into that, i havent touched my copies in years. i've read:

Interview with the vampire, the vampire lestat, the queen of the damned, pandora(well part of it), the vampire armand, servant of the bones(not completely tho), the tale of the body theif(again not completely) and the feast of all saints.

I recommend them all.

the next one i wanna read by her is "the claiming of sleeping beauty", her daughter died at a young age and sleeping beauty was her fav book..anne re-wrote it as a erotic novel


shweet. thanks!

i am not a fan of twilight either...what a dumb concept.

i think that it might help if there was character development or, i dont know, A PLOT.

The point is that it is entertainment.  People are obsessed with American Idol and a bunch of other crap too.  Personally I enjoyed both the Twilight series and Harry Potter series for what they are... A departure from the "real world" for a little while.  I am not obsessed... Just entertained.  It seems so strange to me that people can get so offended by other peoples tastes in entertainment.  

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? how could you NOT  like TWILIGHT?? i mean COME ON!!!!! its the best book and movie EVER!!! half the people who say it sucks havent even read it!!! HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE READ IT??? ive read ALL of them. three times. I LOVE IT!! all of my friends hated it until i forced them all to read it and now guess wat? THEY LOVE IT!! no offense, but you people dont know what your talking about.

It's Romeo and Juliet with vampires....I don't have an opinion either way on whether its great or its lousy....I think of it as a new twist on an old classic.

did anyone pay attention to some of the very good lessons in the boooks? there are some really good ones that i havent seen or heard anywhere else.

I refuse to read the Twilight series because vampires don't walk in the daylight.  Maybe they do in the books, not sure, but seeing the trailer put me off reading them. 

Sorry for the double post but I am so curious... here is what I posted in the pro twilight forum the other day...maybe an anti twilighter out there may agree...Oh and Matt you are on to something!


Alright. Here it goes. For the longest time my sisters and a dear friend of mine talked of nothing but Twilight to the point where I did not know if I wanted to even see this movie. I saw it about 3 or 4 weeks ago and enjoyed it very much, however does anyone else here see a major parallel between Twilight and the television show Roswell/Roswell High Books? I know, I know, both forbidden romances, supernatural forces, but I see way more similarities than that.  Does anyone here even remember Roswell or the books Roswell High? Or am I just completely an old person now who says things like "In my day" (you do not have to answer the last question it was rhetorical lol)?

My sister got me watching Roswell.  I thought it was a pretty good show.  I only saw the first season and part of the second so I'm not totally up to date on it.  Shame they cancelled it.  I mean, it did have Katherine Heigl in it, all the more reason to keep it on the air.

After years and years, we just finished it last week. I love it. I feel that twilight kind of stole some stuff. We don't know what to do with ourselves now, it's so more Roswell to watch.

Katherine Heigl was awesome on that show. Not into her other show though. She got a lot out of those 3 seasons, she has really hit it big now, good for her. I just can't watch that doctor show.

i though that the twilight books and th harry potter books were both dumb. i don't find that genre of books interesting.

Twilight Haters Unite! Yes! I haven't read the books or watched the movies, but I know what they're about, and I know I wouldn't like them. I hate fantasy, and don't even try to tell me that it's not fantasy. People have said that to me. There are vampires and werewolves in them, for goodness sakes. Of course they are fantasy.

Finally! Other people who don't like Twilight!

Whoa!  Are you telling me vampires aren't real?

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i though that the twilight books and th harry potter books were both dumb. i don't find that genre of books interesting.


I might as well say it now- I hate Harry Potter too! And I actually tried reading those when I was younger. I read the first book and stopped. Again, I hate fantasy. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

fantasy is a way of escaping the present and being brought into worlds where people spend their lives hapily ever after just putting it out there that i HAVE in fact read twilight.3 times...maybe 4? w.e and everything else 2....cept for new moon cause it was so boring i almost....died. and ive seen the movie 3 times...well, once was the twilight-lulz addition....^____^ yay! yeaaaaaaaah so when im going round dissing your fav book and eddie-chan i know what im talking about! ^_______~

you know...i actually liked twilight the first time i read it. and i kindof liked new moon. then i bought eclipse and breaking dawn. eclipse was like...ummm...why is the writting getting all choppy and weird....the fourth one was ZOMG!! WHY IS THIS SO DUMB??? i payed good money to read about vampires ripping eachother to peices buuut it was all like "i didnt wanna kill of my characters!!!-teeeaarsss-" JEEEZ! there are some sacrifieces that must be made people!! for the sake of literature!!!!!! >_______O then i read twilight again and was like yay! @___@ twilight! and i read it again and was like.....hmmm...ok! twilight....then i read it AGAIN! and was like............twilight.........ZOMG WHY THE HELL AM I READING THE CRAP!!!! ARGGGG!!!! so yeah....then i went on the interwebz and read the TRUUUUTH!! bout twilight -----> see ^_____~ 'n all its sexistness glory! booya....

3 worst characters in twilight: Edward, Bella and Jacob. wait 4! i add quin.......childgrooming is disgusting folks!! so is necrophelia for that matter....heheh.

Oh look ive gone low....YIPEE!! -______-" bring on the juice! seeya!! (you know...i had alot of fun here...^______^) I dont care if anyobdy actually reads this...its random ranting fueld by bordness......^________^!!! FIGHT BORDOM!!!!!!!!!!

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fantasy is a way of escaping the present and being brought into worlds where people spend their lives hapily ever after


People can live happy lives in other books that aren't totally unrealistic too... I've read plenty of books that are not fantasy that end with the characters being happy.

Fantasy completely takes over the young adult sections of libraries and book stores. It's quite depressing. This is why I gave up trying to find books in young adults several years ago and have since been reading from the adult section. There are some great authors out there. I'm currently hooked on Karen Kingsbury. I've read almost all of her books. (=