Antibiotics and Blood sugars

I had what I would call a stupid accident involving my eye and my Christmas tree last weekend...  The outcome is that I've got a sever corneal abrasion, which needs time to heal on its own (and many of us know that we heal more slowly...  grrr!).  The Ophtlmologist prescribed an antibiotic ointment to be used in my eye four times a day.  My question is:  Could this ointment (Erythromycin) be the reason the my BGs have been so high since the incident?  I have rarely been below 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dl), and for the most part, higher than that!

I would call your pharmacist to see about it. My son has been on several antibiotics since dx (though I don't think anything for eye) and his BGs are usually fine after the first day. I usually attribute that to his BGs being out of whack from the infection and get better quickly as the drugs start working.

I also would be surprised that the relatively small amount of drug that your body would be absorbing would be causing such big highs. But again your phamacist might be the best to help answer that question.