So, Monday I might be put on antidepressants. Has anyone else been put on these? I’m worried about what they will do to my blood sugars and if they will counteract my insulin…

No need to worry I was put on them and still am and I haven’t had any problems with them affecting my blood glucose so should all be ok


Thank you so much @Jackl! I was kinda worried. My appointment got pushed to tomorrow due to weather here, so I’m glad you responded. :slight_smile:

Hi. I am not a T1D but my dd is. I am on antidepressants and have been most of my adult and even teen life. I did ask my daughter’s Endo about this, just in case she were to need them. They do not effect your glucose levels. My dd is not on them and hopefully she will not need them, but it is good to know if she does, she can take them. I wish you the best.

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Don’t worry! I was diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder, ie depression) and T1D in the same month, so I asked my doctors a similar question. In my experience, antidepressants seem to have no effect on your blood sugar and insulin as far as highs/lows/counteracting insulin goes. You’ll be fine!

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My son took his T1D diagnosis pretty hard, and takes antidepressants as a result. They haven’t affected his BG at all, and he is coping much more effectively now.

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