Anxiety or Depression in Teens

In the past I have seen some of this.. ( 2 anxiety attacks )The stress of d I think is at play here .Has anyone else seen Anxiety or depression in your teen ? What steps have you taken to help with this ?? thanks...

Hi Meme- thanks for the new group heads-up - I never saw it. I have seen anxiety and depression in my son. We are actually taking him to a therapist. The one year anniversary was March 11, 2010.  I have seen many sides and its hard not to equate them with anger over diabetes but who knows sometimes. He was never really a social boy but has been less social now - sometimes he becomes a bit dark. We have tried to explain to his teachers what to look for in a high - argumentative etc but sometimes we fail to notice or attribute it to diabetes right away so I know they must have an even harder time I can't tell you how many times I have said "its because of the diabetes" but I think after so many times I think we get a deaf ear - I know I would.

The therapist has helped a good deal - just someone to talk to who is not a teacher, family member etc and who can be objective.

As for grades - they had dropped but now starting to get a little better. After diagnosis he missed so much school that when he was in class he was behind but he has caught up (except Math).  We do have issues with homework and we have issues with insomnia - he gets home from school really tired and then naps and ends up staying up late at night.

He has been on the pump for about 10 weeks now and I thought it would be easier but in many ways it is not.  Every time I see him twirling the pump around using his tubing I want to screem however that has gotten better. I wonder how many times he has done that when I don't see it. He also told his study hall teacher that the pump downloads music but she can't take it away because its his life support system.

Those are the things we have been dealing with. 15 is probably the worst age to have diabetes - they are still growing, they think the world revolves around them, they get crabby and many times just act like jerks.  Hormones are raging, he is always cold and now its an adventure to get him to take a bath. Some of  it is diabetes and some teenager - hard to know where to split them off.

Anyway, looking forward to talking to all the other parents of teens with T1. 

Our son, Riley, was diagnosed with severe asthma/allergies at as a toddler and has struggled with it since then. To add to the struggle, he was diagnosed with T1D last year on his 12th birthday.

He's a strong headed, athletic teen that fights his mom (me) to handle his health on his own. We have struggled with his highs and lows, including the depressed feelings that go along with multiple health problems, being in and out of the hospital/Dr offices, medications galore, etc. The best thing that has happened so far is going on the Medtronics insulin pump. With sports, it's been a little tough, which is why we are trying to get the OmniPod now. He wants to be tube-free:)

I am NOT looking forward to the age of 15 (could it be the worst age to have diabetes??). Please post advice or just what your going through/feeling for the up and coming parents like us that still have those years to go through.

We have made a few small strides in dealing with Monday mornings (this is the worst day of the week), preventing those morning meltdowns. Our Sunday evening routine is becoming more and more important!

With 3 other teenage children, we are a busy family to say the least! His younger sister by one year used to be his friend, but now they seem to only fight. It doesn't help that they are on different schedules. His older brother is a little lazy and not the best role model. Yet, he is graduating and moving out soon and Ri is excited and worried all wrapped into one.

I have joined Typeonenation in hopes of finding support that is not available locally.

I read recently that a T1D "schedules" a "sick day" or a "pity me day". A day where he takes the afternoon off work; his friends call him thru the day to see how he's feeling; he eats what he wants, etc.

At first, it seemed wrong to me that someone would schedule a day like that. In the end, this guy gets the pity out of his system quickly and moves on with a better attitude (sometimes after an hour, rather than the whole afternoon).

I like that he has a good outlook/outcome. Until the day it doesn't, I suppose it's one way to get it out of your system and move on like we all should.

T1D's have it tough and it may take more to get over it? Like a "pity me" day??

What do you think?

I'm not sure about the link between diabetes and anxiety.  People with diabetes are much more prone to depression.  I definitely was as a teenager, but my blood sugars were so out of control I know feeling yucky had to contribute to it.

My son struggles with anxiety and I found a great book that's given really practical advice called "Freeing Your Child from Anxiety" by Tamar Chansky.  I am not a worry prone person so it helped me understand and relate to him better.  

One week on the OmniPod insulin pump and his attitude seems to be a lot better, including joking around with everyone (with a smile:)). We are very happy we switched.

One week on the OmniPod insulin pump and his attitude seems to be a lot better, including joking around with everyone (with a smile:)). We are very happy we switched.