Anxiety while separated

Okay, I have to rant because I am so panic stricken.  This is the second time since my son's diagnosis that he has been away for the weekend.

This weekend he is local but I just received a text message that he had a reading of 82 and of course I went into panic mode  :(  (He is honeymooning - hate this phrase BTW - which is making things a bit tricky these last two weeks)

So back to the sleepover - Pizza was being delivered so we figured 2 slices would be fine.  Unfortunately, he is still on a six meal plan because of his fear of needles.  He just started giving himself shots this past Sunday because he wanted some freedom (because of his set meal times - those will be changing this upcoming Thursday as he will be doing the bolus therapy) always, our first ped endo appointment isn't until the middle of August and this wonderful, poor doctor better have ALOT of time!!  Being on this forum as been a godsend but also so much information that I am in OVEREDUCATED land - or am I??  My head is spinning with worry, questions, the "what if's?"

I have to let him "live" right?   I resent that I am awake at 1:15 in the morning and that my husband is sound asleep without a worry in the world?  Disclaimer:  He is a wonderful father and loves his son but why isn't he up worried like me? 


Okay, I'm going "psycho mom" at the moment - sorry.   Do any of you feel this level of panic?  Just when I thought I had a grip  :(

Kleenex is making a killing off of me lately


Hi Nancy,

With my son when he eats food like pizza he will spike hours after he eats it.  It takes longer for it to digest and that is why it spikes even though correct dosage is given at time of consumption.  Just have him check his BS again but do not "stack" his corrections which will lead to a serious low.  Has it been 1 1/2-2hrs. yet?   You are not hubby is sleeping like a baby also!!  LOL  


You are not alone!  We are in the same boat!  My son goes from the 200 down below 100 in a half hour some days!  It is hard to be concerned and worried and even "psycho".  Their life depends on us being smart about this relentless disease.  It doesn't ever give us a break.  We can't even get a sick day and take a break, that only gets worse.  My son was dx a little over a month ago and it breaks my heart every time I see the sticks in his fingers.  Stay connected with us-this is my saving grace!  This is where I know I am  not alone!  Thank you for my T 1 community!

You are definitely not alone!  I have gotten better over time (he was diagnosed eight months ago).  In the beginning, I would have full blown panic attacks after dropping him off at preschool.  Now, I just worry.  I am struggling with the let him "live".  Last summer we were constantly on the go to the local amusement park and pools.  This year, my first thought is "will he go low" and all the supplies to pack etc. 

Hang in there!  We can remind each other to Breathe occasionally!



I feel your concern.  I am sending my son off on a vacation with a friend for five days.  I trust this family and my son (12), and he is able to do a lot of things for himself.  Still, there are the nagging doubts about whether I have put everything on the information sheet for his friend's parents, what about the nightime lows, what if his insulin gets too hot when they are at the pool?  At the same time, I would have to admit that it is going to be a nice little break here at home with my younger son, not having to constantly be on my older son about whether he has checked his level, figured out his carbs, taken his insulin, etc.   

Hang in there!  I believe there is a healthy balance to be found between constant panic and letting our kids live as normally as they possibly can.  I'll let you know when I find it!


Ahhh, the deeply snoring hubby!  I've got one of those, too!  Also, a fabulous dad (when he's conscious).

I had to "just let it go" the other day.  Our neighbor up the street invited our boys (3) to join their family for a little local outing.  As carefully as I planned (and, believe me, I plan), my "best laid plans" were of no avail.  Hubby arrived home latter than expected to fire up the grill, and the neighbor arrived 20 min early to pick everyone up.  Result: no dinner in kiddo's bellies, and no insulin in William, before they all ran off for the evening.  Shoot.  But, I knew he'd be eating (because I'd checked), so no worry of lows.  And, I knew he'd be back home for bedtime snack, and I could adjust if necessary. 

Our kids have to be kids first, and as hard as that is for us moms to deal with, we've just got to deal with it.  Our ped endo told me that if we keep William's BS in the target range 80% of the time, we're doing great, and I'm taking him at his word.  One day, or even a few days, of whacky BS is not going to cause permanent damage.  I keep telling myself to breathe....breathe....breathe....

Maybe we should start a "breathing channel"....All Breathing, All The Time...