Hello fellow diabetics! I could really use your input. I am currently in graduate school studying collaborative design. Particularly design and healthcare since I am a diabetic. 

I'd like to share a survey that I'm working on with some fellow T1D patients, and hopefully get some useful data that I can in turn use to help everyone.

 When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, or any other lifelong illness, there is a series of phases that a person goes through on the path to full, autonomous management. All people go through contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance, generally in that order. As we pass through these phases in our relationship to our diabetes, it also marks a change in the way that we see ourselves, the world around us, and our other health concerns. 

 The purpose of this survey is to gather data on how being in each specific phase changed the way in which you approached your health in general, outside of simply how you treat your diabetes.

 This survey is entirely anonymous, and part of a project for my current Masters' program. There is no commercial involvement with this.